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A basic guide to mortgages

Mortgages should be straightforward - you borrow money to buy a house and pay interest on the loan.

But after a few enquiries, you soon realise that it’s not so simple after all.

In a hugely competitive market, building societies and banks are continually updating and extending their range of mortgages. The list is already extensive enough to baffle all but the most determined.

The most important points are how you pay back the capital you borrow and how you pay the interest on it.

Paying back the capital

You can either pay a little at a time as you go (repayment mortgage) or pay it all off at the end (Endowment, Isa and pension mortgages).

Repayment mortgages - Each monthly payment pays off a little of the underlying debt, as well as interest on the loan. At the end of the term the mortgage is cleared.
Endowment Mortgages - You use an endowment policy to provide life insurance and save funds to repay the loan at the end of the term (usually 20-25 years). If the investment performs badly, you could face a shortfall on your loan at the end of the repayment period.
Individual Savings Account (Isa) mortgages - These work on the same principle as endowments, but use an Individual Savings Account as the loan repayment method. If your investment performs badly you could face a shortfall at the end of the mortgage term.
Pension mortgages - Are similar to both ISA and endowment mortgages, but work on the basis that pensions (both private and company) provide tax-free cash on retirement. At the end of the mortgage term the loan is paid out of your tax-free lump sum. They are not often used as it can be risky linking pensions to other investments.Paying the interest You have to pay interest on any debt, and mortgages are no different. They differ only in the range of options offered.

Variable rates - This means you pay the going rate on your loan. The mortgage rate changes every time interest rates change or, as in most cases, the overall effect of any interest rate changes is calculated once a year and payments are altered accordingly. Whatever kind of mortgage you start with, it is likely to change to variable rates at some point.
Fixed rates - The interest rate is fixed for the period agreed - often two to five years. These are ideal for budgeting or if you think rates might increase. You do not benefit if rates fall, and will face penalties if you try to quit. Very low rates may tempt you, but they can be used to trap you into paying over the odds. See check how long you will have to stay with the lender before you can switch without penalty.
Capped rates - These are fixed, but if rates fall you pay the lower rate. Such deals can be a good buy for budgeting.
Cash back deals - This is when lenders offer money back if you take out a particular product.
Discounted rates - Under this type of mortgage the borrower is offered a discount off the lender’s variable rate. The rate paid will fluctuate in line with changes in the variable rate. The discount applies over a set term.The 10 key pointsThe government has given homebuyers a list of vital checks to help them find their way through the mortgage maze.

The government suggests buyers should ask these 10 questions before agreeing a mortgage with a lender.

How much can I afford to borrow?
This deals with such questions as “What will the cost be each month?” and “What fees will I have to pay?”
How can I tell which mortgage rate is best for me?
What is the best type of mortgage for me?
This deals with how to understand the jargon, such as “What do fixed rate, variable rate, discounted or low-start, and flexible mean?” and “Will this mortgage suit my circumstances now and in the future?”
How should I repay it?
“Why are you trying to sell me an endowment policy, or a pension or an Isa?”, “Why is it best for my circumstances?” and “What commission are you being paid?”
Can I make lump sum payments to reduce the size of the loan?
Are there any redemption penalties?
Does this mortgage come with compulsory insurance?
What other charges will I have to pay?
What happens if I can’t pay?
What about the small print?

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What Is Business Mortgage

For entrepreneurs who want to get away from renting properties for their businesses, a business mortgage can be helpful. If you can’t afford the conditions in commercial development finance or not capable for 100% development finance, the business mortgage is the right option for you.

The 100% development finance may be provided from development finance UK to acquire property. But if you can’t afford the amount and the terms used, you can still acquire property through business mortgage — only that it entails mortgage arrangements. Another difference of commercial development finance and commercial mortgage is that while commercial development finance, with 100% development finance arrangement, requires the part ownership of the lender with the sale or rental profit from the output of the development project, business mortgages is solely for the business owner, except that he is paying mortgages to the lender.

There are several ways that the business mortgages can be utilized throughout the business world. But before you can get it from development finance UK and utilize it effectively, you need to know the basics of the business mortgages. First and foremost there is an obligation attached to business mortgage. Understanding the in’s and out’s of business mortgages will allow you to facilitate the biggest return from the equity that business mortgages release.

When looking into business mortgages, you would invariably find that there are two distinct types. One is the ‘Owner Occupier Business Mortgages’. This is where the borrower is looking to buy property and/or land for their business operations. The second is the Commercial Investment. This refers to the borrower purchasing property/land as an asset that can be rented out.

By using business mortgages from development finance UK, you can have a superior cash flow since it provides access to capital that you would not normally have with minimal up front payments and the flexibility to formulate a repayment plan that best suits your needs. Also, business mortgages let’s you retain ownership in the property. This means that that instead of raising funds by selling a share in the property to an investor, you retain complete ownership and all the benefits that goes with it such as having an asset that can increase in value. Business mortgages also have tax advantages. The interest on payments is tax deductible and made with pre-tax money.

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About a Mortgage Refinance

Over the past few decades the interest rates for a home financing have gone from high to low. Early in the eighties the average interest rate for a home mortgage was roughly eighteen percent, but these days we are now seeing the interest rates for the same exact loans around five or four percent. This is largely due to how our economy has been progressing throughout the years and how banks are trying to make large loans viable to consumers.

A lot of the people that have bought homes when the interest rates were really high are starting to consider refinancing their home mortgage in order to take advantage of the much lower interest rates of today's economy. If you happen to be one of these individuals and are seriously considering taking advantage of a home refinance you should first consider a few benefits to doing it.

The first thing you are going to want to make certain is that the cost of the refinance is worth the effort that you put into it. The best way to take this into consideration is to ensure that the interest rate you currently have is at least two percentage points above the interest rate that you would be refinancing out. This way you will be certain that you are getting a good deal on the loan and would be saving money over the lifetime of the loan.

Additionally there are some benefits to getting a refinance mortgage from an online lender. The first thing is you will obviously have lower monthly payments on your mortgage. This means it will be much easier to manage and budget for as well as saving you money to spend on other things that you need. How much you are going to save is really dependent upon the difference between interest rates and the length of the home refinance loan that you take out.

Next, by changing the type of loan that you currently have you can take advantage of the weekend financial markets. Some consumers out there had the unfortunate luck of getting an adjustable rate mortgage and have seen their interest rates fluxgate quite a bit over the past few years.
Lastly, you will be able to get money from the home equity that you have built up by getting a bad credit refinance . The longer that you have been in your home the more equity that you have likely built up over the course of your mortgage. By pulling money out you will be able to take care of other debts, or have the money to spend on other purchases that you have wanted to make.

Whenever you consider a major financial decision you should always make certain to do as much research as possible before signing anything. You should consult with a home mortgage refinance professional and see what sorts of deals are available for your own unique situation. Getting in touch with a financial professional could not be any easier. Simply fill out the short form on our site, and in no time you will be in direct contact with a highly skilled home loan professional that can help you go over the best options for you.

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Commercial mortgages are obviously different from the normal mortgages as the amount is released for business purposes as opposed to the purchase of a residential property. Unlike the 100% development finance which is generally used for huge residential or commercial property development projects, the commercial mortgage is used to own a property by securing the property in mortgage arrangement. Commercial mortgages can also be used for taking over an existing business, purchasing a brand new building or buying land. It is specifically tailored for the purchase of property such as shops, factories, warehouses and office buildings.

For start up business, the commercial mortgage is suitable for owning the needed property. Commercial mortgages obviously entail a large commitment and are the ideal way of getting a business of the ground or consolidating its position as a market leader. The requirement can, however, change according to the needs and capabilities of the business person. The companies providing development finance UK can make various mortgage arrangements that are suitable to the business’s condition.

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About Mortgage Life Insurance

Owning a home is a dream for most of us, although it is an expensive
one. The monthly payments usually take up a big slice of our monthly
income, and the sudden loss in the event of you or your spouse's early
death may leave your survivors unable to make payments. To make your
family is protected from financial hardship, consider Pick-a-Term
Mortgage Protection insurance.

Pick-a-Term Mortgage Protection has a descreasing death benefit to
match your mortgage balance at the beginning of each year. And because
the death benefit decreases along with your mortgage balance, the cost
of Pick-a-Term is less expensive when compared to non decreasing term
life insurance.

Life Insurance: Decreasing Or Not?

If you go to your local bank, along with the mortgage they will try
and sell you what they call "mortgage insurance". This is not
"mortgage insurance" but "life insurance" where they protect
themselves by having you buy their policy. You need to be clear how
this operates; you are paying for an expensive policy which they own
and in which they are the beneficary. Further, the amount of the
policy decreases though the premium remains the same. If they
decreased the premium along the coverage, it may not be too bad, but
they don't. The way it is now the policy decreases, you pay for it,
they own it, control it and will benefit from it.

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Reverse mortgages or Home equity loans ?

While both reverse mortgages and home equity loans enable senior homeowners to turn the equity in their home into spendable dollars, there are important differences between these two types of mortgages.

First, home equity loans require regular monthly payments in order to repay the loan. These payments begin as soon as the loan is settled. In contrast, a reverse mortgage does not have to be repaid as long as the home remains the senior’s primary residence. In other words, the loan becomes due only when the senior no longer occupies the property.

Second, home equity loans are based on the borrower’s income and credit history. A home equity loan borrower may be required to requalify for the home equity loan each year. If the borrower does not qualify, than the lender may require that the loan be paid in full immediately. However, income and credit are not obstacles for seniors who want a reverse mortgage because there are absolutely no income or credit requirements to qualify. It should also be noted that there are no requalification requirements.

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Variable rate mortgages have an interest rate that may fluctuate throughout the term of the loan. Interest rates attached to variable rate mortgages usually move in line with either the Bank of England Base Rate (BoEBR) or the lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR) and is quoted as a fixed percentage above one of them. An example of this is a variable rate home loan with an interest rate equalling BoEBR plus 0.25%.

Fixed rate mortgages, on the other hand, have a static rate of interest that is locked in for an agreed period of time. Changes in the base rate or the lenders SVR will not affect the interest rate attached to this type of home loan making this type of product less risky to the borrower as their monthly mortgage payments will not increase.

There are several different types of variable rate mortgage products including tracker rates, discount rates, and capped rates. Tracker rate mortgages and discount rate products have no upper or lower limit and therefore offer the borrower no protection against excessive interest rate rises. They also, however, offer the borrower the potential for substantial decreases in the interest rate attached to the variable rate home loan helping them to save money.

Capped rate mortgages have an inbuilt upper limit above which the interest rate on the product cannot rise even if the base rate rises above this limit. Capped rate mortgages therefore offer the borrower protection against excessive base rate rises while still offering the advantage of saving money through potential decreases in the base rate.

Unlike fixed rate mortgages, variable rate mortgages offer borrowers no protection against interest rate rises and are therefore risky. The amount of monthly repayments due can both rise and fall throughout the term of the mortgage therefore making variable rate mortgages unsuitable for householders who have a tight budget.

Despite this risk, variable rate mortgages do have some advantages. During periods of traditionally high interest rates many borrowers opt for variable rate mortgages if they are expecting the cost of borrowing to fall. This is because any fall in the underlying interest rate will be passed onto them by their lender, resulting in a decrease in their monthly mortgage payments.

Additionally, variable rate mortgages have less stringent terms and conditions than their fixed rate counterparts, and are usually offered with low fees and no tie-in periods. It is essential to assess the fees and charges attached to home loans before applying instead of opting for the product that appears to have the most favourable interest rate structure. This is because the cost of the fees may outweigh the benefits of the interest rates – whether they are fixed or variable.

Because of the various advantages and disadvantages of variable rate home loans, professional and impartial advice should be sought from an independent mortgage broker before applying for a this type of mortgage. An independent broker will be able to offer impartial expert mortgage advice on all types of home loans from the entire range of UK lenders.

By = Michael Sterios, a writer for

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Discount Mortgages What About It ?

Discount mortgages are a type of mortgage product that have a variable interest rate which moves roughly in line with the lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR). The discounted interest rates attached to this type of home loan product are genuine and will normally apply for a set period of between one to five years. The discounted interest rate is designed to attract new customers.

Once the discount period expires the interest rate will convert to the lender’s SVR which can result in a sharp increase in the monthly mortgage payments due. This means that borrowers should take careful note of when the discount is due to expire and prepare to remortgage to a more suitable home loan product if required.

Also, because the discounted interest rate is a variable rate, any change in the lender’s SVR will affect the discount mortgage’s interest rate and the amount of monthly repayments due. The lender’s SVR will normally reflect changes to the Bank of England Base Rate (BoEBR), although this is not a requirement. Therefore borrowers should also take note of any major changes in the base rate as it could affect their own mortgage payments.

Discount mortgages are popular with first-time-buyers who cannot afford high mortgage repayments during the early years of homeownership. Borrowers of discount mortgages will experience a reduction in their monthly mortgage payments during the discounted period when compared to borrowers who do not have a discounted rate attached to their mortgage products. This is one of the more obvious advantages of this type of home loan product.

Despite this advantage, there are several disadvantages to consider before applying for discount mortgages. The most prominent disadvantage to consider is that discount mortgages often come with stringent terms and conditions including long tie-in periods and costly early repayment charges. Therefore, if a borrower wishes to redeem their mortgage during the discount period, they may be forced to pay hefty penalties to the lender that may negate the effect of the discount received.

This can effectively lock the borrower in to remaining in their property for a set period of time if they cannot afford to pay the early repayment charges if they need to sell their home and redeem their mortgage. Lenders will not normally waive the fee for any reason so borrowers should therefore look beyond the discounted interest rate when assessing whether to apply for a discount mortgage.

As with all non-standard mortgage products, professional advice should be sought from an independent mortgage advisor before applying for a discount mortgage in order to receive impartial advice as to whether this type of home loan product is suitable for your particular needs. A discount mortgage may not be the most suitable product for your needs just because it has a low interest period for the first few years of the entire term of the product.

There are many other factors to consider when applying for a home loan and an independent mortgage advisor should be able to guide you towards selecting the right product for your needs.

This Article is write by Michael Sterios, a writer for

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The Benefit of Fixed Rate Mortgage

If you are offered a deal that appears to be too good to be true than it probably is. Interest rates remain the same throughout the life of the loan for 15 year fixed rate mortgages. There are no hidden costs involved with this type of plan which is great for many people that want a regular monthly payment. My wife and I had already decided to research long term fixed mortgage rates when we started looking at homes for sale.

The monthly payments for 30 year or 15 year fixed mortgages are the main considerations for many people who are looking to buy a home. Buying a home later in life means that many people want to have the mortgage paid off early. Take some time to think about everything carefully before any agreement is signed. Ensuring the repayment remains the same throughout the mortgage term is very important.

Even though it was important for us to pay off our loan at the earliest possible opportunity, we did not want high, unrealistic monthly payments which we would have trouble maintaining. So in consideration of this point we also looked at longer, 30 year fixed rate mortgages as well. The problem was that we were not very happy about having a mortgage close to when we both retired so it was our hope a 15 year fixed mortgage rate would still be available to us. We felt that there was a great deal of emphasis on paying the mortgage off early.

Eventually we decided on a 30 year loan after looking at all the other possibilities. There were many things that lead us into making this choice.Discovering my wife was having a baby was the most important reason. Her regular monthly income would become unreliable because she wanted to be at home raising our child. The problem we could see was the increased financial commitment on a monthly basis if we had opted for the 15 year fixed mortgage rate. For us it just was not feasible as we would just be in over our heads. The monthly payments on a 30 year loan were quite a bit lower.

Making a few additional lump sum payments during the year helps bring down the amount owed. Those few extra payments also help reduce the number of years you have to pay the loan over. It may be easier said than done, but this approach does pay off eventually. Although we would have much preferred a loan with a 15 year fixed mortgage rate we had to take our needs and abilities into consideration. Things worked out well anyway, even though we were unsure about it to start with.

There is always a debate when home buyers have to decide on the merits of 15 or 30 year fixed mortgage rates. No-one wants a mortgage hanging around their neck forever but with homebuyers entering the market later, an early repayment of this loan is important. Take some time to think about everything carefully before any agreement is signed. It is important to make sure that the interest rate does not change over the course of the loan.

It is always wise to avoid agreements that do not appear to have any negative aspects because they invariably have but are hidden. A 15 year fixed rate mortgage means the interest rate remains stable for the life of the loan. This is of great benefit for anyone that does not like surprises. When we were looking to buy a home, my wife and I decided to go for a loan with a 15 year fixed mortgage rate.

Even though it was important for us to pay off our loan at the earliest possible opportunity, we did not want high, unrealistic monthly payments which we would have trouble maintaining. So in consideration of this point we also looked at longer, 30 year fixed rate mortgages as well. The 15 year fixed mortgage rate was the plan we really wanted because neither of us wanted to be still paying a mortgage when we close to retiring. We felt that there was a great deal of emphasis on paying the mortgage off early.

We thought about it long and hard and despite the pressure we decided to go with the 30 year loan plan. Many factors were taken into account when reaching this decision.Finding out my wife was having a baby made making the choice so much easier! My wife was going to raise our child from home so her addition to the monthly income would be restricted. The downside to the 15 year fixed mortgage rate was the higher monthly repayment. For us it just was not feasible as we would just be in over our heads. Despite the trepidation of having a longer term loan, it did reduce the repayments considerably.

We found that if we could make a few extra payments throughout each year then it would gradually reduce the principle sum owed. To our surprise we also discovered that we could knock years off our loan by doing this. This takes some discipline but it is well worth the effort it in the long term. Taking our needs and abilities into account was more important than our desire for a shorter term mortgage plan. All things considered, it all worked out for the best in the end.

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Tips to Find The Lowest Home Mortgage Refinance Rates

The decision to refinance your primary residence is not often made without conscientious examination and planning. One of the greatest decisions decides if you will employ a loan of stockholders' equity at the house, will refinance your current mortgage or will obtain a mortgage. After having decided type of loan you need the borrowers of next article which the hearth makes a success of the low mortgage deed with the dwelling refinance the rate available to them. When it comes to the refinancing there are many factors which determine your interest rate. The days of the setting on your best costume and speaking to the branch manager went. Today you are puffed up with the low mortgage refinance rate to the radio, the Internet and the TV. Many of these companies are the national lenders and cannot be based in your city or even the same state.

When this is the case, you can also resort to home loan refinance for you to find another source of funds that will pay the previous unpaid loan. With refinancing, you can try to find lower rates and save more money. You can find an offer that suits you and you can even find lower home refinance rates. Different companies may have different offers and this also includes a different rate. With proper computations and comparisons of different offers, you can have the one that is best for your needs. Home refinance means that a person who has an unpaid mortgage will apply for another loan to pay for the previous home loan. When shopping for your home mortgage refinances rate keep in mind that bigger is not always better and that a local mortgage broker or banker can usually match or beat the deals offered by the large lenders that advertise on TV and radio.

When you are looking for a mortgage loan you will definitely have to have an idea about the monthly payment for your mortgage loan, this may be determined easily by using a Mortgage calculator. If you are looking to refinance then you may use a refinance calculator and if you are looking for particular category loan like home refinance loan then you may use home refinance calculator. To get a clear picture on the monthly amount you will need to pay with each different package of mortgage loans you will find mortgage loan calculators depending on the type of mortgage loan you require.

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About The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (TFHLMC) is a Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE), with special designated authority from Congress to provide a secondary market for residential mortgages. In that unique role, TFHLMC, like other mortgage related GSE entities such as Fannie Mae, underwrites a vast mortgage portfolio made up of real estate loans from all across the U.S. Fannie and TFHLMC handle the majority of residential mortgages made in this country. This is meant to offer extra security and confidence to investors so that they'll purchase the loans from banks and other mortgage lenders. When investors are eager to buy GSE-backed loans, it ensures a smoother mortgage market, and translates into more affordable home loans for the average American.

During 2008, both Fannie Mae and TFHLMC fell on hard times. Instead of rescuing the housing market, the twin GSE agencies needed to be saved by taxpayers. The government stepped in to buy up many of the loans in the TFHLMC mortgage portfolio. Freddie received almost $14 billion of taxpayer money after a record third-quarter loss, and a government-appointed regulator put 10 new directors in charge of the agency, including seven new executives. Nervous investors seem to be appeased, because now TFHLMC is doing a brisk business.

Back in November 2008, only two months after TFHLMC was placed under government control, its mortgage portfolio grew by more than 65 percent within a single month. That marked the second straight month of serious growth, countering the bad news of the previous two months, when Freddie's mortgage portfolio plummeted in value. Now, its assets are worth more than $800 billion, and its year-to-year gains set a new company record.

In a further attempt to bring down loan interest rates more and help borrowers, the Fed says it plans to buy as much as $100 billion of the corporate debt now encumbering Fannie Mae and TFHLMC. The FHA is also shouldering more responsibility by guaranteeing a greater number of loans and offering more affordable terms to homeowners.

The news isn't all comforting, however, because the delinquency rate on single-family loans guaranteed by TFHLMC didn't fall in November, but instead, rose to more than 1 1/2 percent. The previous year, that rate was almost a full point lower, but the housing markets continue to suffer as the real estate economy weathers more foreclosures and price declines. As people lose jobs and income, and their mortgage balances far outstrip the value of their homes, many experts expect to see more defaults and foreclosures.

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To have a better saving should we refinance our mortgage ?

Mortgage refinancing may offer an individual various benefits such as paying the high interest loan in exchange of a lower one. But the question that must be answered is that if should you refinance your mortgage when you want to save? The answer would depend on situation of the previous loan and the interest of the two loans as well as other factors that goes with the loan. If there are other good offers like a lower interest rate, lower monthly payment and other benefits, then refinancing would be a big help.

If a person does not have enough money to support the payment of his previous loan, he may be able to find another rate that would offer him a lower monthly principal and interest payment although this would be paid in a longer time frame. Also, another option would be to consider refinancing when you earn enough money to increase the monthly payment. When you refinance, you may be able to increase the monthly payment and the person may also be able to save since the term would be paid faster and there will be less interest paid.If one is paying an adjustable interest rate loan, there is a possibility of over paying since the interest rate may change within a month and you may find a hard time paying for an unpredictable total payment. Thus, a fixed rate can be better than getting an adjustable interest rate and this lessens the risk in paying the loan.

With all the reasons stated, the benefits and the risks involved, the question of should you refinance your mortgage may be clearer. A good decision can be done when all other options are checked and considered. It would be easier to pick one loan more than the other when you understand its terms and you know that you are capable of paying the loan plus the interest. The needs and the situation of the individual would be the deciding factor if one will have to continue paying for the old loan or it would be better to get another one.The interest and the length of the payment should be considered and analyzed. There may be many reasons why you should refinance but there are risks involved so first make yourself clear and more knowledgeable about the terms of the loan that you have and another loan that you are considering.

Mortgage refinancing may be a good way for one individual who has a hard time paying a mortgage. If a person has a mortgage that takes up much of his monthly income, then it must be necessary that he should find another way of getting additional income or find a better way to pay for the loan. Refinancing is done when there is an outstanding loan balance and the medium in which you will use to pay for it is through getting another loan. There are different situations that would be beneficial to refinance a mortgage but there are also some events that refinancing would not be a very good action.

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The Problems of Mortgage Payment Cover

Mortgage protection is one of a family of protection policies that can be taken out to safeguard against you becoming out of work. If you are incapacitated to the point where you cannot attend work after suffering from an accident or an illness, or if you should become unemployed such as through redundancy, a policy could help.

But the question must be answer is that Mortgage Payment Cover still facing many problems and faith badly needs restoring ? Taking out a protection policy could provide a much needed income that would allow you to continue meeting the commitments of your mortgage. The majority of polices begin to provide benefit after you have been unable to work for between 30 to 90 days. Once the policy holder has started receiving a tax-free income, they then continue to do so for between 12 to 24 months if needed. Mortgage insurance can give security and allow the individual to recover with the knowledge that the roof over their head is safe. This can help to speed up recovery or give peace of mind while looking for a new job.

However, you do have to be aware that cover is not suitable for the circumstances of all individuals. Exclusions that are usually included in a policy include being retired, self-employed, suffering a pre-existing medical condition or working only part time. You do have to check these exclusions carefully, and be aware that they vary between providers. An ethical provider will always make the consumer aware that these exclusions exist and give all the information needed for them to be able to make an informed decision. It is a lack of information that has led to a lack of faith in payment protection products. An investigation started in 2005 after a super complaint was made to the Office of Fair Trading.

Following this, the Financial Services Authority also began their own investigation, which resulted in them handing out several fines to some well-known high street names. The most recent fine was for a mortgage firm, and the chief executive had to dig into his own pocket to pay a personal fine too. Early in 2007, the sector was referred to the Competition Commission, which is currently conducting an in-depth review. While there have been some changes, it is evident that many more need to be made in the future. A recent report revealed that some providers are still continuing to mis-sell cover despite recommendations set out for improvements. It is hoped that with the introduction of comparison tables, which are to be revealed in March this year, buying cover will be easier. Mortgage payment cover is just one form of payment protection.

Loan and income protection could also benefit the individual but sometimes choosing which product is most suitable can be hard. The tables will lead the consumer through a series of questions, which will help them decide which policy would best meet their circumstances. They will also be aware of how much a policy would cost and be told of the exclusions that exist. But at the moment, the safest way to buy cover is with a standalone specialist provider.

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Info : How To Get The Right Mortgage Protection Insurance Cover for us

The only way you can be absolutely sure that the policy suits your situation is if you take care to read the terms and conditions because Mortgage protection insurance cover can work in the way it is supposed to, but only if it is suitable for your circumstances.

Some individuals cannot read the terms and conditions simply because they are not offered them and so do not know they exist. This is due to poor selling techniques being used at the time of selling, either because high street lenders want to push the cover alongside the loan or those selling cover have no training in selling. One sure way of getting access to all the information needed to make an informed decision is to get quotes from independent providers.

Ethical providers will ensure that the information needed is available to those wishing to purchase cover. The exclusions in a policy vary depending on the provider, but there are some that are often seen in policies. Being of retirement age, suffering a pre-existing medical condition, being self-employed or working only on a part-time basis could mean mortgage cover is not suitable. While exclusions do exist, even these depend on certain circumstances. For instance, as long as you have not suffered from the illness within the last two years you would be able to claim. The same goes for those individuals who are self-employed and through involuntary unemployment find they have to stop trading. These are just two reasons why going over the terms and conditions with a fine toothcomb is essential. Those individuals who could benefit from a policy would have peace of mind and the security of an income each month.

Being unfit for work due to an accident or illness or becoming unemployed through being made redundant are all covered by mortgage payment cover. Providers offer a policy that will protect your monthly mortgage repayments and allow you to continue meeting them for a premium each month. The premiums will be based on your age when applying and the amount of your monthly mortgage repayments. The tax-free income gained from the premium would begin between 30 to 90 days of being unable to work and would continue for 12 to 24 months, depending on the terms of the policy. In the past mortgage insurance, along with the family of payment protection policies, has been seen as being poor value for money.

The premiums charged for the luxury of having protection can be extremely high. Shopping around will reveal the difference between quotes: it can be as much as 40% when you compare the high street lenders with the best specialist providers. This difference also exists when it comes to getting the information needed to compare protection. Some give very little information, while specialists will give you all the details needed. Faith has been lost in mortgage protection insurance cover along with loan and income protection. News that the latest firm to receive a fine from the Financial Services Authority was a mortgage firm has done little to restore faith. Anyone considering taking the protection that a policy can offer should realise that it is those who have mis-sold cover who are at fault and not the actual policies themselves.

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Tips To Research Mortgage Rates Online

One of the first things that you should do when researching mortgage rates online is to spend a few minutes finding out what the national average rate is for a mortgage loan. Everybody knows that internet can be very useful for those individuals who are in the market for a mortgage loan, allowing them not only to borrow money from lenders who operate online but also to find more information about potential loans before they actually commit to a specific lender. While not all borrowers take the time to research mortgage rates online, those who do can often find competitive if not superior rates. These rates can be superior when compared to those that would be found after simply visiting a few different mortgage lenders in their local area. If you have been looking to learn how use the internet to help you research mortgage rates before committing to a loan, then this information should assist you in being able to make an informed decision when you borrow.

Mortgage rates fall under federal regulation, but they may still vary from one location to another; by discovering the national average you can get a better idea as to whether the rates in your area are above or below the average. This in turn helps you to decide whether you can be better served by using a local mortgage lender or if you would be better off to expand your search to lenders in some other areas (or to focus more on lenders who operate primarily or exclusively online.) Once you have determined what the national average is for interest rates, take a little bit of time to shop around online for properties in your area.

While you may already have a specific property in mind when you start looking for a mortgage loan, this may give you a better idea of how much homes and other property in your area is selling for and may assist you in negotiating a better purchase amount for the property that you buy. Once you know both the average national mortgage rate as well as the average rate of properties in your area, you should be in a much better position to shop around for a good deal on both the property that you buy and the mortgage loan that you use to buy it.When using the internet to research mortgage rates, do not forget that most if not all of the mortgage lenders that you might be considering should have websites that you can visit. Not only can this help you to find out more about the lenders themselves, but in some cases you may be able to learn things about their lending policies that you might not have known previously. Many of these mortgage lenders may also give you access to valuable tools on their websites, such as mortgage calculators that can help you to develop an estimate of both your likely interest rate and how much you should have to pay each month for your mortgage at that rate.Some mortgage lenders choose to operate primarily or exclusively online, so when researching mortgage rates online you may find yourself with access to lenders that you would not be able to use otherwise. By requesting loan rate quotes from these online lenders, you should have a chance to expand your search for a good mortgage rate while gaining a better idea of whether the quotes that you have received from local lenders are the best that are available to you.

You may find that you have gotten a truly exceptional rate quote from one or more of the lenders that you have already considered, or you might discover that you can find lower rates by shopping elsewhere.One other important advantage of using the internet to research mortgage rates online is the fact that you can often find out the information that you want quickly. Many online mortgage lenders offer instant quotes that are calculated and sent to you via email, and their rate information is updated daily to stay up-to-date with the latest federal mortgage rates. There may be some discrepancies between what is displayed on the website and what rate is available. This is why is it best to request a quote because mortgage rates can change often. Online lenders and other mortgage information websites are generally able to get you the information that you want quickly and without having to deal with lending officials for every question that you might have. You can even spend your down time at night finding out more information about your mortgage rate options, freeing up your time during the day and not making you have to adjust your schedule just to find out the information from local lenders when they are open.

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The Asset Based Mortgage

One alternative form of mortgage that you may qualify for is the asset-based mortgage; in these loans, the mortgage is not guaranteed by the property, which is being purchased but is instead secured by other assets, which the borrower provides. Might be most potential homeowners are most familiar with traditional mortgages where the property being purchased serves as collateral for the loan, this is not the only type of mortgage that is available.

There are some advantages to choosing an asset based mortgage loan over a traditional mortgage, though this loan type comes with some restrictions as well. Here is a look at the basics of an asset based mortgage, so as to help you determine whether or not one of these loans is right for you.

Asset based mortgages can be very useful for individuals that have little or no credit as well as those who have bad credit. While in most cases these individuals may not be able to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan, the value of the assets that they offer for collateral should be enough to qualify them for an asset-based mortgage regardless of what their credit rating might be. This can be very useful for those who are trying to purchase their first house while still trying to start out financially.

It is also useful for those who have run into financial problems in the past and anybody that is trying to reestablish their credit now that they have gotten back on their feet. Though credit is taken into account, for most asset based mortgage lenders it is not nearly as important as it would be for most other types of loans.Another difference between asset based mortgages and other mortgage loans is that in many cases there is no down payment required when securing the loan. Though the borrower still has to pay a portion of the total cost of the property, the loan itself will not contain many of the same costs that taking out a traditional mortgage would entail. Though the availability of this specific feature of asset-based mortgages may vary from one lender to another, a number of lenders offer the no down payment feature as one of the attractions of this type of loan over mortgages that are more traditional. The fact that the collateral for the loan is worth more than the amount that is being borrowed and does not require the lender to find a buyer for the house or other property in order to make their money back greatly reduces the need for a down payment or other forms of payment when the loan is issued.

Unlike most mortgage loans, those which are based off of external assets may not have the same income requirements that are required by more traditional loans. Some individuals who take out an asset based mortgage will only apply a portion of the borrowed money toward the purchase of a house or other property itself, keeping anywhere from five to fifteen percent of the amount set aside to assist in repaying the loan itself. This can be especially useful when trying to guarantee that you will be able to afford the mortgage payments if you are worried about the possibility of layoff or may be moving to a new area where you might not be able to locate a job immediately.

Though setting aside some of the borrowed money can mean that you may have to borrow more than you actually need, the buffer amount can help you to avoid a default and it should make the overall loan amount much easier to pay back.Asset based mortgage loans do have their disadvantages, of course. In most cases these loans cannot be taken out for the full amount that you will need to purchase the property. Most asset-based mortgages can only be taken out for fifty percent of the property’s total value or less, though some lenders allow the loan to be for up to sixty-five percent or higher. This is because of the high value of homes and similar property, as well as the fact that those with little credit or who have had bad credit in the past are more likely to default on their loan payments than individuals who have established good credit. Many asset-based mortgages are used in the purchase of homes and property that are going to be resold after restoration or that are being purchased at a discounted rate; the borrower in these cases is hoping to finalize the sale of the property before the loan is due in full. Though this can be risky since not all homes sell quickly, when it works it allows them to repay the loan easily while still making a sizeable profit off of the property in question.

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The Importantce of Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI)

Someday in the future if you should become unemployed, such as by redundancy, or were to have an accident or get ill and be unable to attend your job, you could be left struggling. You can use Mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI).

MPPI can give a lifeline to those who have monthly mortgage repayments to make and fear they could lose their income. Not being able to find the money each month to continue making your mortgage repayments could mean you lose your home.

Homeowners who rely on the state stepping in and providing an income could be in for a shock. In order to be able to get help you have to fit certain criteria, and this usually means you have to be claiming income support. Even if you do receive help, the state support provided only goes towards the interest part of your mortgage. In the majority of cases you could also be waiting a long period before seeing any money.

If you want peace of mind and security, and providing a policy is suitable, then taking out a protection policy to cover your mortgage payments could be a better choice. Cover can be expensive depending on where you choose to take out a policy. Mortgage protection is offered when taking out the loan at the time of borrowing but this is not the only option you have. You can make the choice to buy a policy independently, from a standalone provider.

Buying cover for your mortgage this way can save you around 40% in comparison to the quote offered by the high street lender. It is also important to realise that the borrowing is not dependent on you taking the cover a high street lender offers. While some lenders might ask that you protect the money you are borrowing, you do have the option of choosing who to take that protection with.

A policy that is bought from an independent specialist provider would kick in after the policy holder had been unable to work for between 30 to 90 days. It would then continue to provide you with a tax-free income for between 12 to 24 months.

However, a policy is not suitable for all. There are circumstances that could mean the protection would not be suitable. For example, if you only work in a part-time position as opposed to full time you would not be eligible.

In addition, if you are retired, suffer from an ongoing illness or work for yourself then a policy might not be suitable. These are just some of the exclusions that can frequently be found in mortgage insurance cover and providers can add in others. This means that checking the terms and conditions of a policy is essential before taking out the policy. An ethical specialist will make you fully aware that certain conditions exist. They will show you in plain English what you will get out of their mortgage payment protection insurance policy, while also making you aware of how much the cover would cost in total.

The premium quoted will be based on your age and the amount of your monthly mortgage repayments. High street lenders sometimes work out how much the insurance would cost and then add it onto the cost of the loan, and then add interest onto the whole amount. An independent provider will not only help you to make savings, but will also give you the vital information needed to make an informed decision regarding suitability.

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Sabtu, 31 Januari 2009

Mortgage Payment Protection Cover

When you suddenly losing your income through accident, illness or unemployment could leave you struggling a Mortgage payment protection cover can be a valuable product to have in your corner if you should find yourself incapable of working.

However, if you would be eligible to claim against a protection policy then payment protection for your mortgage could provide you with a tax-free income. You do have to make sure that the exclusions found in all payment protection policies would not stop you from claiming. Suffering a pre-existing medical condition, being retired or self-employed, or not being in full-time employment could stop you from being eligible. These are just some of the reasons frequently found in a policy and providers can add in others. With this in mind, it is essential that you compare not only the quotes but also the terms and conditions.

Exclusions are complicated so do look into them very carefully. While one of the exclusions is suffering an ongoing illness, this can be overlooked if you have not suffered from the illness within two years of applying for insurance protection. When it comes to those who are self-employed then they would be eligible to claim if they were to stop trading altogether through involuntary means.

Payment protection insurance would provide you with an income that would cover your monthly mortgage outgoings and essential related payments such as insurance. This means that you are able to recover with the peace of mind that your mortgage debt would be safe. Homeowners who believe that the state would step in and provide for them in their time of need may be disappointed. The State does provide assistance but there are very strict criteria to meet. Those who have savings of more than £8,000 or whose partner works full time would not receive a penny. Also, if you took your mortgage out after October 1995 then you would have to wait nine months before you would see any benefit, and then you would only get help with the interest part of the mortgage up to £100,000.

Mortgage payment cover is usually offered alongside the mortgage at the time of borrowing but in the majority of cases this is a very expensive way of taking out cover. A far better option is looking around and buying the cover independently from a specialist in payment protection. There are many advantages of taking out the cover this way, besides the obvious benefit of making huge savings. A lack of information given at the time of buying cover leads many to take out a policy they could not possible hope to claim against.

However, an ethical payment protection specialist will make available on their website all the information needed to make an informed decision regarding the policy’s suitability. The mortgage payment protection cover that a specialist will provide will ensure you have an income from between day 30 and 90 of being unable to attend work. Each month you would get a payment which would continue for between 12 to 24 months if needed. The relief that this payment brings allows you to recover more quickly and leaves you free to concentrate on your wellbeing and, in the case of redundancy, to find another job.

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The Closing Costs That Associated with Getting a Mortgage

If you are refinancing a mortgage, some of the under costs may be applicable. And it pays to have good credit when it comes to applying for a mortgage - not only will the interest rate on your mortgage be lower, but some closing costs such as homeowner’s insurance, can be higher if you have a poor credit score. Always check your closing costs to make sure you were not overcharged - it is a good idea to ask your lender for a detailed breakdown of what you are paying for. This can ensure that you receive what you need when purchasing a mortgage.

Once you sign all the papers and prepare to move into your new home, you will incur various costs associated with your mortgage; these are generally known as closing costs. They are paid in addition to any down payment and basically cover the cost of processing and underwriting the mortgage loan.Closing costs generally fall into three different categories - origination, escrow and final costs. Taken together, they typically include fees for such things as a credit report request, title search and insurance, home appraisal, mortgage insurance as well as various other miscellaneous fees.

The total amount depends on the value of the house you are buying - typically, the total is between 2% and 5% of the cost of the house. Closing costs alone total an estimated $110 billion per year in the United States.If you are taking out a mortgage, it is a good idea to get some sort of estimate of the closing costs, which a lender is required to give to you - in fact, it should be included with the details of your loan. This estimate of costs is sometimes known as a good faith estimate.

Closing costs cannot really be completely avoided, although there are some things you can do to lower or eliminate some of them. Some lenders will even cover some closing costs in order to keep your business.One solution is to have the closing costs rolled into the amount of your loan. You are still paying them, but they are spread out over a period of time. This way you do not have to have a large sum of money up front, although your interest rate may be higher. It is also possible to have the seller pay the closing costs - however, this will almost certainly add on to the purchase price of your new home.

Your mortgage interest rate may also affect the closing costs - a mortgage with a lower interest rate can mean higher closing costs as a result of the various fees and points. (A point is a charge paid ahead of time - one point equals1% of the loan amount) If you are taking out a no-point loan with a higher interest rate, the lender may be willing to pay more of the closing costs. The more points you that buy, the lower your interest rate will be - but you will also need more money when you close.

So what exactly are all these annoying but necessary extra fees? Your lender or broker will probably charge an application fee, typically ranging from $75 to $300. If you are buying a house, you must obtain a homeowner’s insurance policy, which protects you in the event of any kind of natural disaster. Escrow (or reserve) funds for insurance or taxes are another requirement - these can vary based on the price of the home and are normally paid by the buyer although if you are taking out a VA (Veteran’s Administration) loan, the seller pays this amount.Also required is a tax service fee; usually around $75 and it is paid to verify that the taxes have all been paid on the purchased property. You will probably have to pay for an appraisal of the home - typically costing from $300 to $700 - as well as a land survey, which may cost from $150 to $400.

Finally, there are miscellaneous fees, which typically total from $200 to $500 and cover the cost of delivering and signing documents, as well as any notary fees, attorney’s fees etc.The good news is that some things are paid by the seller and not the buyer - the seller is responsible for paying property taxes up until the last day of ownership; the seller is also usually responsible for paying any liens on the property. Title insurance covers any unrecorded liens and depending on what the laws in your area are, this can be paid by the buyer or seller - it is also possible to split the cost 50/50.

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How to Get Start On Loan Modification

Sometimes we are frustrated and confused about how to get started on a do it yourself loan modification. If we wonder will be able to successfully modify our own mortgage to get the lower payment we need. Most struggling homeowners don't have thousands of dollars available to pay a loan modification company, but many feel intimidated to attempt a loan workout themselves. These are some tips to help you get started preparing, applying and negotiating with your lender so you can get your home loan modified into low, affordable monthly payments. So check this out :

1. You can do this yourself-thousands of homeowners have already successfully modified their home loan and you can too. Knowledge-make sure you research, learn and prepare before contacting your bank for a loan modification. Let's face it, no one is going to work harder than you will to save your home-think of it as paying yourself for your time and effort instead of relying on a company that you have never heard of before to try to save your home.

2. Your loan modification application will be reviewed and a decision will be made based in large part on the information you provide to your lender. If you know how to prepare your application forms properly so they will meet your lenders approval guidelines, you can certainly do as good a job as a company who will simply submit those same forms for you. Once you understand what your lender is looking to see in order to approve your application you will be able to prepare and submit your own acceptable loan workout proposal.

3. You can learn the basics of the loan modification process in just a few hours-this is not rocket science-but there are a few important issues that must be addressed. By making sure you cover your lenders concerns one by one, you will be assured that you have prepared your case in the most beneficial and acceptable manner possible.

4. There are more loan modification programs and options available for borrowers than ever before. The Federal Government has intervened and is strongly encouraging lenders to be proactive and offer help to homeowners who are delinquent and facing foreclosure, and even those homeowners who are not yet delinquent but foresee a financial hardship soon. Billions of your tax dollars have been allocated for programs-make sure you take advantage of these incentives-you need and deserve this help.

Doing nothing is the worst thing you can do-now is the time to begin on your do it yourself loan modification. Help is available for those homeowners who know how to get it. You don't have to be frightened or confused-make the decision today to learn, prepare and then submit your own loan modification application so you can get the help you need. Make sure you are one of the borrowers who can say "I modified my loan and saved my home."
You can get the help you need to prepare and submit a do it yourself loan modification by ordering and downloading The Complete Loan Modification Guide. This is a low cost, easy to read handbook that will provide you with everything you need to prepare a professional and acceptable loan modification application. You are provided with all of the necessary forms and given detailed directions on how to complete them properly. The Complete Loan Modification Guide will take you step by step through calculating your debt ratio, completing the financial statements, writing your hardship letter and then putting it all together to submit to your lender. This is the most comprehensive and up to date source of information for do it yourself loan modification available today. our home is too important to leave to chance-get started today on the path to secure home ownership, order and download The Complete Loan Modification Guide.

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The Mortgage Protection Cover

When taken out with your circumstances in mind mortgage insurance can give a monthly tax-free income. This money would allow you to continue meeting the repayments of the mortgage without having to worry about where to find the money. If you should become unable to work due to suffering an accident or illness this means you could concentrate on regaining your health and getting back to work. If you should be unfortunate enough to become unemployed, such as through redundancy, then you would have the time you need to search for a new job.

Some of the most frequently seen exclusions include if you only work part time, suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, are self-employed or have retired. However, these exclusions are not cut and dry. For example, if the individual has not had a re-occurrence of the illness within the last two years it could be worthwhile talking out a policy. With these exclusions in mind it is essential that you go over the terms and conditions of any cover you are thinking of taking.

The safest way to make sure you get access to the vital information needed to make sure a policy is suitable is to go with a specialist provider. Such a provider sells cover independently as opposed to alongside the mortgage. They know the products they sell and never put huge profits ahead of the consumer. Not only can you benefit from the knowledge they have, but the premiums for mortgage protection with a standalone provider will save you around 40% in comparison to some high street lenders.

Policies do vary but usually they last for between 12 to 24 months once a claim is made, if you should remain unfit for work. There is a waiting period during which you have to be unable to work and this is anywhere from day 30 to 90. Premiums for the cover are based on how much your monthly mortgage is and your age when applying. An independent provider will ensure that you understand how much cover will cost in full and provide you with the key facts before you choose which policy is suitable.

Some homeowners are under the impression that they would automatically be entitled to receive help from the state, but this is not the case. Individuals have to qualify to receive any benefit from the state. Those who have a partner who works in a full-time position or who have savings in the bank of more than £8,000 would not be entitled to receive state support. And those who do manage to qualify could have a long wait on their hands if they took their mortgage out after 1995. In fact, they would have to wait nine months and then they would only be able to claim for the interest part of their mortgage for up to £100,000.

Having a back-up plan in case you should find yourself unable to keep up the repayments should be given some very serious consideration. If you get behind on your mortgage then you face repossession, which means you could lose your home. Mortgage protection cover is worthwhile considering as a safety net. You just have to make sure you understand what your policy can and cannot deliver, and determine if this meets your needs.

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The Impact of Credit Rating to A Mortgage Application

When somebody start to apply for a mortgage, the lender can access your credit report - a report that is compiled by information supplied by the three main credit-reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Credit rating is one of the most important numbers that you have - it affects your ability not only to get a mortgage, but a car loan, credit card, or store credit, as well the interest rate you are given. A good credit rating is so important that some financial experts even advise you to make sure you have a good credit rating before even thinking of applying for a mortgage. Your credit score is going to be somewhere between 300 and 850, based on your record of paying back loans in the past. This is known as your FICO score, after the company who analyzes the information from the three agencies, the Fair Isaac Corporation.

Your all-important credit score is based on several factors, including the length of your credit history as well as the credit you have available and the amount of credit you have used. Whereas everybody is late with a bill occasionally, a lender is also looking for a stable record of paying bills on time - too many late or missed payments can have an adverse effect. Your employment history and the number of credit cards issued to you are also important factors.

It is basically all about the risk factor - home buyers who have a history of paying back loans and paying bills on time have much less of a chance of defaulting on their mortgage loan and are therefore less of a risk. The mortgage industry has calculated that if a person has a high credit score - for example 780 - the chances of them becoming three months behind in their payments are almost 1 in 600 and statistically, a person with a low credit score of 600 has a 1 in 4 chance of becoming three months behind on payments.

Borrowers who have high credit scores - defined as being 760 or over - will generally have more choices available when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage, as well as being able to benefit from lower interest rates. If you have a score in the 600 to 700 range, you will not have any trouble getting a loan for your new home - but you may be paying back the loan at a higher interest rate.

Generally speaking, a score of around 500 is about the lowest that will qualify for a mortgage. If you fall into this category, you may have to shop around to find a lender that is willing to work with you; and your interest rate will probably be higher. Some lenders specialize in providing loans to borrowers who have poor credit - these lenders are often referred to as sub-prime lenders. One possible solution for those with a very low credit score is to consider applying for an FHA loan, which tends to use different criteria to qualify people.

A low credit score can make a big difference in the amount for which you will qualify, as well as the amount of your monthly mortgage payment. An interest rate of just one point less will mean a savings of around $5,000 on the average 15-year mortgage and even more on a typical thirty-year mortgage - around $50,000. In addition, a credit score below 630 can mean monthly payments that are between $50 and $250 higher.

There are some things you can do if you need to raise your credit score. Firstly, check your credit score and make sure it is accurate - an estimated 25% of credit reports have what might be described as serious errors on them. These mistakes can be corrected, but this can often take up to several months - not an ideal situation if you are just about to apply for a mortgage. Even a small error on your report can affect your score and the mortgage interest rate, which you are offered.

If at all possible, try not to make a major purchase such as a new car just before applying for a mortgage, as it will lower your credit score. And pay off as much debt as you possibly can - this will help to lower your debt to income ratio and raise your score. If there are some small outstanding debts on your credit report, consider taking care of them before applying. Do not let bad credit stop you from applying for a mortgage - even with a low score; it is still possible to be a homeowner. Your credit rating is very important when it comes to obtaining a mortgage and it can affect your chances of purchasing that new house. If your score is low, consider looking into ways to improve it, and you should be able to get a mortgage at a great rate.

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Video Anak SMP Magetan

Telah beredar sebuah rekaman video mesum siswi sebuah sekolah menengah pertama dengan pelajar sekolah menengah atas di Magetan, Jawa Timur. Selain dimiliki kalangan anak usia sekolah, video porno itu sudah menyebar di mayarakat umum.

Dalam adegan tersebut, siswi berinisial T wajahnya jelas terekam dalam kamera telepon seluler. pihak sekolah bergerak cepat. Karena dianggap mencemarkan nama baik, siswi tersebut dikeluarkan dari sekolah. Sebelumnya pihak sekolah sudah memanggil pelaku.

Video itu bisa didownload disini dengan gratis lho !

Download Video Mesum Magetan

Video adegan mesum pelajar juga beredar luas di Pekalongan, Jawa Tengah. Adegan diduga diperankan pelajar sebuah SMA swasta elite setempat. Saat dikonfirmasi, pihak sekolah tidak menolak perbuatan asusila yang telah dilakukan salah satu siswinya itu.Pihak sekolah mengatakan, siswi yang bersangkutan telah mengundurkan diri dari sekolah awal Januari lalu. Kasusnya kini masih dalam penanganan Kepolisian Wilayah Pekalongan.

Video mesumnya bisa didownload dibawah ini =

3gp Cah Pekalongan

Download 3gp Disebuah Studio

Download 3gp 2 VS 1

Dalam sekejap saja kami sudah tak berpakaian lagi dan aku terkejut melihat buah dada Jenny bahkan lebih besar dari yang pernah kubayangkan. Ukuran payudara Sherly breasts sekitar B cup. Tapi menurutku putingnya yang mesar mencuat itu terlihat seksi pada ukuran payudaranya.

Payudara Jenny yang jauh lebih besar dibandingkan isteriku tampak sangat menggiurkan. Mungkin ukurannya C cup, tapi sangat pasti kalau ini adalah ukuran full C cup. Putingnya tidak sepanjang punya kakaknya, tapi lebih gemuk. Dia tersenyum memergoki aku yang terpana melihat dadanya.

“Ini milikmu sepenuhnya,” kata Jenny sambil menyangga kedua buah dadanya dengan kedua tangannya sekaligus meremasnya menggoda. Kuhabiskan gelas keempatku dan segera membenamkan wajahku ke dalam dua bongkahan daging kenyal didepanku. Tangan Jenny bergerak ke bawah untuk meraih batang penisku.
“Wah, punya abang besar sekali!” katanya, gairahnya terdengar besar dalam nada suaranya. Aku bergerak turun menelusuri lekuk tubuhnya, melewati perutnya dan mulai menyapukan lidahku pada bibir vaginanya.

Dia segera bersandar pada dinding di dekatnya dan memegangi kepalaku dengan kedua tangannya sambil mendesah. Segera saja tubuh Jenny mulai tergetar ketika aku konsentrasi pada kelentitnya. Langsung saja dia meraih orgasme pertamanya dan aku harus menyangga tubuhnya sebelum dia jatuh. Lalu kugendong dia menuju ke kamar tidur.

Kurebahkan tubuhnya di atas ranjang, Jenny menjulurkan kedua lengannya ke depan menmintaku untuk segera naik. Aku merangkak menaiki tubuhnya dan memberinya sebuah ciuman yang dalam. Nafasnya tercekat saat ujung kepala penisku menemukan jalan masuk ke dalam vaginanya.

“Kamu yakin mau melakukan ini?” tanyaku. Dia mengangguk.
“Kakakku, isteri abang, meniduri suamiku. Aku rasa baru adil kalau aku menyetubuhi abang di atas ranjangnya sendiri. Ini cara untuk membalas kelakuan Bob dan Sherly diwaktu yang sama,” nada amarah terdengar dalam jawabannya, tapi dia kemudian tersenyum dan menambahkan, “Lagipula, aku tak akan melepaskan begitu saja setelah melihat ukuran penis abang ini.” Kemudian segera saja lenguhan nikmat terlepas dari bibirnya saat dia menggunakan kakinya untuk menarik tubuhku ke arahnya.
“Aku merasa sangat penuh!”

Batang penisku hanya baru masuk 3/4nya saja ke dalamnya. Kudorongkan lagi, tapi dia merintih kesakitan. Aku coba hentikan, tapi dia tidak mengijinkanku. Nafasnya tersengal terdengar antara menahan deraan nikmat atau sakit, dan dia terus mengguna kan pahanya untuk menarikku semakin erat. Bahkan tangannya mencengkeram pantatku dan menariknya dengan keras hingga seluruh batang penisku terkubur dalam lubang anusnya.

“Oh mami!” teriakan lepas keluar dari bibirnya saat aku berhasil membenamkan batang penisku seluruhnya. Aku diamkan tanpa bergerak agar dia terbiasa dengan ukuranku.
“Ayo bang! Setubuhi aku!” akhirnya dia berkata dan memang itu yang segera akan aku lakukan. Pada awalnya secara perlahan kukeluar masukkan, tapi atas desakan Jenny segera saja aku menyentaknya dengan keras dan cepat. Langsung saja orgasme kedua diraihnya dan tanpa henti. Aku piker dia akan pingsan saat teriakan nikmatnya terdengar keras sekali.
“Jenny, aku hamper keluar!” teriakku. Dia mendorong tubuhku berganti posisi hingga dia berada diatas dan mulai menunggangi batang penisku.
“Lakukan, bang! Isi rahimku dengan benih abang!” ucapnya semakin membakar gairahku.
“Tapi, kita tidak pakai pelindung!” kataku ragu. Tapi keraguanku malah semakin membuat pantulan tubuhnya semakin keras saja dan tak ayal aku langsung keluar jauh di dalam rahimnya. Kusemburkan begitu spermaku ke dalam vaginanya hingga meleleh keluar pada pahanya seiring pompaan naik turun tubuhnya di atasku.

Kami berdua rebah tak bergerak dengan tubuhnya yang masih menindihku untuk beberapa waktu. Akhirnya dia mengangkat kepalanya dan menatapku dengan diam.

“Kamu tidak apa-apa?” tanyaku khawatir tapi dia malah tertawa.
“Aku merasa sangat ehmm…! Saat ini, aku tidak tahu apakah akan meninggalkan Bob dan tak akan bicara dengan Sherly lagi ataukah aku mestinya berterima kasih pada mereka. Abang sangat menakjubkan,” katanya. Aku tertawa dan menurunkan tubuhnya dari atasku.
“Aya mandi, aku sangat ingin bermain lagi dengan dada montokmu ini,” Kataku sambil meremas buah dadanya lalu menggamit tangannya. Kami bawa serta gelas minuman yang kosong, mengisinya lagi untuk yang terakhir kalinya sebelum bergandengan tangan masuk ke kamar. Lansung saja kami habiskan gelas terakhir kami setelah mengatur suhu shower. Tawa riang tak hentinya keluar dari bibir kami saat air hangat mulai turun membasahi kedua tubuh berkeringat kami.

Kusabuni dada montoknya dan menghabiskan setidaknya sekitar sepuluh menit meremasinya. Disaat yang bersamaan dia juga menyabuni batang penisku. Begitu penisku kembali mengeras, aku bergerak ke belakang tubuhnya, masih tetap meremasi buah dadanya. Aku mulai menciumi lehernya dan batang penisku kugesekkan pada celah bongkahan pantatnya. Penisku masih berlumuran sabun sehingga dengan mudah melesak masuk.

Saat bibir kami saling melumat dalam ciuman yang dalam, kepala penisku terdorong masuk ke dalam lubang anusnya. Jenny merenggangkan pahanya dan penisku melesak masuk dengan sendirinya seakan punya maksud sendiri, Aku terkesiap dan berusaha menariknya keluar.

“Sorry! Ini masuk begitu saja…” aku berusaha menjelaskan, tapi Jenny malah menyeriangai lebar dan mendorong pantatnya ke belakang membuat kepala penisku semakin menyelam ke dalam lubang anusnya. Aku mengerang keenakan.
“Jangan bilang kalau kak Sherly tidak pernah mengijinkan abang melakukan anal seks?” tanyanya menggoda.
“Tidak, tidak pernah,” jawabku.
“Baiklah kalau begitu, kalau abang mau abang boleh merasa bebas menyetubuhi anusku semau abang!” katanya manantang dan bagai api yang disiram minyak, langsung saja aku lesakkan batang penisku jauh ke dalam lubang anusnya.

Kedua tangannya terjulur kedepan pada dindning untuk menahan tubuhnya yang terguncang dengan keras oleh sodokanku. Buah dadanya yang montok terayun menggoda, membuatku dengan segera bergerak meremas keduanya. Tapi tanganku langsung beralih untuk mencengkeram pinggulnya untuk menjaga keseimbangan kedua tubuh kami karena ayunanku.

“Ya! Terus bang! Dorong penis abang ke dalam anusku! Makin dalam bang!” teriak Jenny dalam kenikmatan. Salah satu tangannya masih menahan tubuhnya pada dinding sedangkan yang satunya lagi mulai bergerak kea rah selangkangannya.
“Yes!” teriaknya saat aku semakin keras mengayunkan batang penisku semakin ke dalam. Dapat kurasakan otot pantatnya yang mulai mengencang saat dia menggesek kelentitnya sendiri. Tak mampu lagi kutahan, kulesakkan seluruh batang penisku terkubur seutuhnya dalam cengkeraman lubang anusnya dan kembali, sekali lagi aku keluar dengan hebatnya. Sentakanku yang terakhir membuat kaki Jenny benar benar terangkat dari lantai kamar mandi karena kerasnya. Dan hal tersebut membuat Jenny bergabung bersamaku dalam ledakan orgasmu sejenak kemudian.

Kami berjalan berpelukan dengan sempoyongan keluar dari kamar mandi menuju ke kamar tidur kembali. Aroma seks tercium sangat pekat di dalam kamar dan kami kesulitan untuk menemukan area sprei yang kering di tempat tidur. We stumbled out of the shower and back to the bedroom. The room smelled like sex and we had problems finding a dry spot on the bed. I was barely settled before Jenny crawled between my legs and started blowing me.

“Kamu benar-benar liar!” kataku.

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Ngintip Cewek Kos Mandi

Segera kutarik kembali Rena kedalam pelukanku. Kujilati puting buah dadanya. Memang buah dadanya tidak terlalu besar, tetapi bentuknya yang mencuat dengan puting merah mudanya sangat merangsang sekali.

"Ahh…ssstt…" erangan nikmat keluar dari mulut Rena. Erangan ini semakin keras terdengar saat jemariku mengusap-usap liang nikmatnya. Desahan Rena diselingi dengan gumaman nafsu Elis yang masih berjongkok menikmati kemaluanku....

Siang itu aku sedang suntuk sehabis berjam-jam menghabiskan waktu di depan notebook untuk mengerjakan salah satu proyek dari klienku. Memang aku ingin secepatnya menyelesaikan proyek ini, mengingat nilainya yang cukup besar. Terbayang nikmatnya berlibur di Bali atau Lombok bila nanti telah menerima pembayaran dari klienku ini.

Karena perut sudah keroncongan, aku segera mengambil kunci mobilku dan pergi ke mal di daerah Jakarta Barat untuk makan siang. Memang di kulkas kamar kostku cuma tersisa sepotong pizza bekas semalam. Tiba di mal tersebut, aku menuju KFC untuk makan siang.
Seperti biasa, sehabis makan siang aku cuci mata melihat-lihat toko di mal tersebut. Setelah itu, aku mampir di studio 21 yang terletak di lantai 3 mal itu untuk melihat-lihat film yang sedang diputar. Memang rencananya kalau ada film yang bagus aku ingin nonton untuk refreshing sebelum memulai mengerjakan proyekku lagi nanti malam.
Saat memasuki lobby, setelah melewati lorong yang dipergunakan untuk bermain video-game, kulihat seorang gadis manis sedang duduk sendiri sambil memainkan handphonenya. Aku seperti merasakan "deja vu". Teringat olehku pengalaman beberapa waktu lalu saat mau menggoda seorang gadis sendirian di lobby studio 21, yang ternyata membawa cowoknya. Tetapi tak mengapa, aku sok nekat saja duduk di sebelahnya sambil tersenyum. Dia juga membalas tersenyum sambil kemudian kembali sibuk dengan hpnya.
"Ren..lo ada dimana sih ? Cepetan dong gue udah di lobby nih" katanya.
"Ya udah..cepetan deh" ujarnya lagi.

"Sedang nunggu pacar ya ?" tanyaku sok akrab
"Nggak kok mas. Teman." sahutnya singkat sambil tersenyum.
"Mas sendirian aja ?" tanyanya lebih lanjut
"Wah agresif juga nih cewek" pikirku. "Iya sendirian aja. Mau nemenin? Jalan yuk" tanyaku nakal.
"Mau ngajak kemana ?" tanyanya
"Jalan-jalan aja" sahutku. Dia tersenyum lagi menambah manis wajahnya yang berbibir tipis itu.
Aku punya perasaan dia ini ABG nakal yang sering nongkrong di mal-mal mencari mangsa.
"Oh ya, namanya siapa ?" tanyaku
"Elis" sahutnya sambil mengulurkan tangannya
"Wawan" kataku menyambut uluran tangannya. Kuperhatikan penampilan Elis, gadis manis ini. Rambutnya sebahu dgn wajah yang manis. Berpakaian kaos ketat dipadu celana jeans. Buah dadanya tampak menonjol ranum di balik kaos ketat yang dipakainya. Terbayang nikmatnya bila aku bisa merasakan kenyalnya buah dada ranum ABG manis ini.

"Nggak sekolah ?" tanyaku lebih lanjut
"Nggak sedang bolos. Males sih.."
"Emang sekolah dimana ?"
Dia kemudian menyebutkan salah satu SMU Negeri di wilayah Jakarta Barat.

"Hey..sori ya gue telat". Tiba-tiba seorang gadis menyapa.
"Sialan lo.., gue udah nunggu lama tau.." sahut Elis pada sang gadis.
Kulihat si gadis yang baru datang, dan mataku terkagum-kagum melihat penampilannya. Wajahnya sangat cantik, dengan rambut panjang, mirip dengan Ratu Felissa bintang sinetron remaja yang terkenal itu.

"Ren, ini kenalin teman gue" katanya mengenalkanku.
Kami segera berkenalan. Kemaluanku semakin berontak saat jemarinya yang halus sedikit kuremas saat kami berjabat tangan. Ternyata namanya Rena. Tanktopnya yang seksi semakin menambah hot penampilannya. Tetapi kulihat buah dadanya tidak sebesar kepunyaan temannya. Akan tetapi kulit tubuhnya yang putih mulus menyebar aroma seksual yang tinggi.

"Mau kemana nih mas ? Kita makan dulu aja yuk ?" ajak Elis.
Akhirnya kami bertiga pergi ke sebuah restoran fast food. Saat kami berjalan, banyak cowok yang memperhatikan tingkah laku kedua ABG ini dengan pandangan bernafsu. Terutama kepada Rena yang memang sangat cantik itu. Karena sudah makan, aku hanya memesan minum saja untukku, sementara mereka menikmati makan siangnya. Sambil menikmati pesanan masing-masing, kami berbincang-bincang. Kupancing-pancing mereka, agar aku yakin mereka bisa kuajak check-in nanti. Aku tidak mau kecele, setelah mengeluarkan uang banyak untuk mereka ternyata mereka tidak bisa dinikmati, hehe..

Ingin segera aku merasakan kehangatan dan kemulusan tubuh belia mereka. Akan tetapi, ternyata tidak semudah itu. Banyak proses yang harus dilalui, alias ada biaya yang harus dikeluarkan terlebih dahulu. Sesudah makan, mereka minta dibelikan pulsa HP, terus belanja baju, dll. Tetapi tak apalah, pikirku. Kebetulan baru minggu lalu aku menerima pembayaran dari salah seorang klienku. Memang kalau mau barang bagus ada harga yang harus dibayar. Apalagi terbayang nikmatnya apabila aku bisa menyetubuhi kedua gadis ABG ini secara bersamaan.

"Yuk jalan. Pusing nih di mal terus" kataku setelah mereka selesai berbelanja. Memang aku sudah menentukan limit pengeluaran bagi mereka. Disamping itu, aku sudah tidak tahan ingin segera menikmati tubuh seksi Elis dan wajah cantik Rena.

Mereka akhirnya setuju dan kami menuju tempat parkir. Kukebut mobilku menuju hotel jam-jaman langgananku.


Singkat cerita, kami telah berada di dalam kamar hotel. Tak menunggu lama lagi, langsung kuraih wajah cantik Rena dan kulumat bibirnya. Leher dan pundaknya yang putih mulus segera kucium dan kujilati. Setelah itu, wajah manis Elis menjadi sasaranku. Saat kuciumi bibirnya yang tipis, kuremas buah dadanya dari balik kaosnya yang ketat.

"Buka dulu aja mas.." bisik Rena saat aku masih sibuk menikmati menciumi dan meremasi tubuh temannya.
"Bukain ya" kataku.

Aku menghentikan ciumanku pada wajah manis Elis, dan mereka berdua kemudian melucuti pakaianku.
Tak lama aku telah berdiri hanya dengan mengenakan celana dalam saja. Keadaan itu tidak berlangsung lama, karena jemari lentik Rena segera menarik celana dalamku. Kemaluanku yang telah menegang segera berdiri dengan gagahnya di depan kedua ABG ini. Mata mereka agak sedikit kaget melihat ukuran kejantananku.

"Besar sekali mas. Rena suka.." kata si ABG cantik sambil tangannya mulai mengocok-ngocok penisku perlahan. Sementara Elis tidak berkomentar, hanya bibirnya yang tipis sedikit terbuka. Matanya memandang kemaluanku dengan gemas. Mereka berdua telah berjongkok di depanku.

Rasa hangat segera menjalari kemaluanku saat Rena mulai memasukkan batang kejantananku ini ke dalam mulutnya yang mungil. Kepalanya mulai dimaju mundurkan menikmati kelelakianku. Kupandang ke bawah tampak wajah cantik gadis ini dengan pipi yang sedikit menonjol disesaki alat vitalku. Sementara Elis menciumi dan menjilati pahaku menunggu giliran.

Sesaat kemudian, Rena mengeluarkan penisku dari mulutnya, dan Elis langsung meraihnya dengan bernafsu. Dijilatinya terlebih dahulu mulai dari kepala sampai ke pangkal batangnya, dan perlahan dia mulai menghisap kemaluanku. Terkadang gadis seksi ini bergumam gemas saat menikmati kejantananku.

Aku tarik tubuh Rena sehingga dia berdiri di sebelahku. Kemudian kembali dengan gemas kuciumi wajah cantiknya. Rena dengan bergairah membalas pagutanku. Ciuman dan jilatannya kemudian beralih ke puting dadaku. Sementara kemaluanku masih menjejali mulut Elis, temannya yang seksi.

Wajah cantik Rena yang sedang menjilati puting dadaku membuatku semakin gemas ingin menyetubuhinya.

"Ayo buka pakaiannya dong sayang.." kataku.
Rena menurut. Dibukanya tanktop dan BH yang dikenakannya. Tak ketinggalan juga celana jeans ketatnya. Dia tampak semakin cantik dengan hanya memakai celana dalam hitam berenda.
"Biarin aja Ren., kamu lebih seksi pakai itu" kataku saat dia ingin membuka celana dalamnya.

Segera kutarik kembali Rena kedalam pelukanku. Kujilati puting buah dadanya. Memang buah dadanya tidak terlalu besar, tetapi bentuknya yang mencuat dengan puting merah mudanya sangat merangsang sekali.

"Ahh…ssstt…" erangan nikmat keluar dari mulut Rena. Erangan ini semakin keras terdengar saat jemariku mengusap-usap liang nikmatnya. Desahan Rena diselingi dengan gumaman nafsu Elis yang masih berjongkok menikmati kemaluanku.

Jemariku merasakan vagina Rena telah lembab oleh cairan nafsu. Wajahnya yang sangat cantik tampak menggairahkan saat dia mengerang-erang nikmat disetubuhi jemariku. Puting payudaranya juga telah mengeras karena jilatan lidahku. Ingin segera kusetubuhi ABG cantik ini.

"Sebentar ya Lis.."kataku sambil mencabut penisku dari jepitan bibir tipis Elis. Setelah itu, kutarik Rena menuju tempat tidur. Kusibakkan celana dalamnya, dan kuarahkan penisku ke dalam liang nikmatnya.

"Pelan-pelan ya mas.." desahnya perlahan.
Kemaluanku mulai menerobos alat vital ABG cantik ini. Erangannya semakin menjadi. Tangannya tampak meremas sprei ranjang. Mulutnya setengah terbuka, dan matanya terpenjam.

"Ahhhh…ahhhh" desah gadis cantik ini saat aku mulai menggenjot kelaminku di dalam alat vitalnya. Karena sempitnya kelamin gadis cantik ini, baru setelah beberapa kali genjotan penisku berhasil menerobos lebih dalam, walau mungkin hanya dua pertiga batang kemaluanku yang berhasil masuk. Ranjang mulai mengeluarkan deritan-deritan seirama dengan goyangan tubuhku menikmati sempitnya liang vagina Rena. Tubuh mulus Rena mengelinjang-gelinjang merasakan hujaman penisku yang menyesaki liang vagina gadis belia ini. Sementara Elis, temannya yang seksi dengan bergairah menonton adegan kami.

"Kamu buka juga dong Lis" kataku. Elis kemudian membuka kaos ketatnya dan celana jeansnya.
"Biarin aja pakaian dalamnya Lis.." ujarku lagi saat dia ingin membuka BHnya. Elis kemudian kuminta mendekat.

Kuhentikan hujaman penisku di kelamin Rena sejenak, dan kuminta dia merubah posisi. Aku segera berbaring di tempat tidur sementara si cantik Rena menaiki tubuhku. Diarahkannya kembali kelaminku ke dalam vaginanya.

"Ahhhh…." erangnya kembali saat penisku menerobos liang nikmatnya. Dia kemudian menggoyang-goyangkan tubuhnya menikmati kejantananku. Kuraih wajah manis Elis yang ada di sebelahku, dan kami langsung berciuman dengan bergairah. Kuremas buah dadanya yang besar, dan kuangkat daging kenyal ranum ini sehingga keluar dari cup BHnya. Tampak luar biasa seksi Elis saat itu, dengan wajahnya yang manis dan kedua payudaranya yang mencuat keluar. Puting susunya yang kecoklatan segera menjadi santapanku.
"Sstttthhhh….sstttt" erangnya saat kujilati dan dengan gemas kuhisapi buah dadanya yang kenyal itu.

Sementara Rena, temannya yang cantik, masih menggoyang-goyangkan tubuhnya yang mulus di atas selangkanganku. Matanya terpejam dengan wajah yang memerah menambah ayu wajah cantiknya. Tanganku memilin-milin puting buah dadanya. Sementara Elis mulai menjilati puting dadaku.

"Ahhhhh……" erang Rena panjang saat dia mengalami orgasmenya. Tubuhnya mengejang beberapa saat, kemudian lunglai di atas tubuhku. Kuciumi pundaknya yang putih halus beberapa saat, sebelum kugulingkan tubuhnya kesebelahku.

"Giliranmu Lis.." kataku. Elis langsung menghentikan hisapannya pada puting dadaku, dan dengan bergairah dia menggantikan posisi Rena. Disibakkannya celana dalamnya, dan diarahkannya kelaminku ke liang surganya.

"Ihhh..gede banget…iihhhh" desahnya saat penisku menerobos vaginanya. Ranjang kembali berderit keras saat dengan bernafsu Elis menggoyang-goyangkan tubuhnya menikmatiku. Buah dadanya yang kenyal berguncang-guncang menggemaskan saat ia menyetubuhiku. Terkadang karena gemas, kutarik tubuhnya agar aku bisa menghisapi puting payudaranya.

Bosan dengan posisi ini, kuminta Elis menungging sambil memegang tepian bagian kepala ranjang. Kusodokkan penisku kembali ke dalam bagian tubuhnya yang paling vital, dan erangan Elis kembali terdengar ditimpali dengan suara derit ranjang.

"Ihh..ihh.." desahnya saat kusetubuhi dia dari belakang. Pantatnya yang montok terlihat sangat merangsang. Sementara kulihat Rena tak berkedip melihat temannya sedang disetubuhi secara "doggy-style".

"Sini Ren" panggilku. Saat dia menghampiriku, langsung kembali kuciumi wajahnya yang sangat cantik itu. Sementara itu tanganku memegang pinggang Elis, temannya, sambil sesekali menepuk-nepuk pantatnya yang padat.

"Ihh..ihh.. Elis sampai mas…ihhhh.." erang Elis saat mencapai orgasmenya. Kulepaskan penisku dari dalam vaginanya. Sementara itu, aku masih sibuk melayani ciuman Rena. Penisku yang masih tegang sehabis menikmati vagina temannya, langsung diraih dan dikocok-kocoknya perlahan.

Sesaat kemudian kubalikkan tubuh Elis, dan kunaiki tubuhnya. Kujepitkan kemaluanku di antara gunung kembarnya yang besar. Kugoyangkan tubuhku menikmati kekenyalan buah dada Elis. Sementara Rena menyodorkan payudaranya ke mulutku untuk kunikmati.

Rasa nikmat yang luar biasa menjalari syaraf kemaluanku. Aku merasa sudah tak tahan lagi membendung orgasmeku. Kulepaskan pagutanku dari buah dada Rena, dan semakin cepat kugoyangkan tubuhku menikmati jepitan buah dada Elis. Tak lama kemudian, aku menjerit nikmat saat berejakulasi di buah dada ranumnya.


Setelah membersihkan diri, kami bertiga tiduran sambil istirahat di atas ranjang. Elis di sebelah kiriku dan Rena di sebelah kanan. Aku masih telanjang, sementara mereka hanya mengenakan celana dalam saja. Elis telah melepas BHnya yang basah karena ejakulasiku.

"Mas mainnya hebat banget …" kata Rena sambil tersenyum manis.
"Iya..kita berdua aja dibuat kewalahan…"sahut Elis sambil mengusap-usap dadaku.

"Habis kalian cantik-cantik sih. Jadi nafsu nih" jawabku asal.
"Pasti ceweknya si mas puas banget ya Lis.." kata Rena pada temannya.

"Yang gemesin ini lho..gede banget ukurannya. Coba cowokku segede ini.." kata Elis sambil mulai mengusap-usap kemaluanku.
"Iya.Rahasianya apa sih mas ? Biar nanti Rena kasih tahu cowok Rena, supaya bisa bikin Rena puas.." Tangannya yang halus juga mulai merabai kemaluanku yang mulai menegang kembali.

"Mas, buat kenang-kenangan Rena video ya.." ujar Rena tiba-tiba, sambil bangkit mengambil HPnya.
"Jangan ah. Udah nggak usah" tolakku.
"Ah..nggak apa mas. Habis mr.happy-nya gemesin banget deh..Rena nggak ambil mukanya kok.." sahutnya.
"Awas, bener ya. Jangan kelihatan mukanya lho" kataku.
"Mas berdiri di sini aja biar lebih jelas. Terus elo isepin Lis.. Ntar gantian" katanya bak sutradara kawakan.

Kuturuti kemauannya. Aku bangkit dan berdiri di samping ranjang. Elis kemudian berjongkok di depanku, dan mulai menjilati kemaluanku.

"Rambut lo Lis..jangan nutupin" kata Rena sambil mulai merekam adegan itu.

Kubantu Elis menyibakkan rambutnya, dan dia mulai mengulum kemaluanku. Kunikmati jepitan bibir tipis Elis di batang kemaluanku. Tangannya yang halus mengelus-elus buah zakarku.

Rena merekam adegan kami dengan antusias. Aku mengerang nikmat, sambil tanganku membantu menyibakkan rambut Elis yang sedang sibuk menikmati kemaluanku. Cukup lama gadis ABG seksi ini menyalurkan nafsunya.

Sementara tampak Rena sangat terangsang melihat temannya menikmati penisku.

"Lis..gantian gue dong.." katanya beberapa saat kemudian.
Hpnya diserahkan ke Elis, dan gantian Rena sekarang yang berjongkok di depanku. Disibakkannya rambutnya kesamping agar temannya dapat merekam adegan dengan jelas. Dijilatinya perlahan seluruh batang kemaluanku. Lubang kencingku digelitik dengan lidahnya, kemudian mulutnya mulai mengulum perlahan batang kemaluanku.

"Jangan pakai tangan Ren.." kata Elis yang sedang merekam adegan kami.
Rena kemudian melepas tangannya yang memegang batang kemaluanku, dan ia memaju mundurkan kepalanya menikmati jejalan penisku di mulutnya. Sesaat kemudian dia mengeluarkan kemaluanku dari mulutnya dan, tetap dengan tanpa memegang penisku, menjilatinya sambil bergumam gemas. Kemudian dihisapnya kembali kemaluanku dengan bernafsu.

Mendapat perlakuan seperti ini bergantian dari kedua gadis belia, aku merasa tak lama lagi akan mencapai kepuasan.

"Arrghh.. hampir sampai nih.." erangku.
"Mas yang ambil ya.." kata Elis sambil menyerahkan hp padaku. Dia kemudian berjongkok bersama dengan Rena. Diambilnya penisku dari mulut temannya dan dikocok-kocoknya.

Aku tak tahan lagi. Sambil merekam adegan, aku berejakulasi membasahi wajah manis kedua gadis ABG ini.


Setelah beristirahat sejenak, aku memesan minuman. Sambil menunggu pesanan datang, aku meminta hp Rena. Aku ingin memastikan wajahku tidak terlihat di rekaman video yang tadi diambil.

Kami mengobrol beberapa lama di kamar hotel itu, sebelum beranjak pulang menjelang malam. Kuantar mereka kembali ke mal tempat aku bertemu dengan mereka. Kuberi mereka uang taksi secukupnya.

"Makasih ya Mas. Sering-sering telpon kita ya.." ujar Rena saat turun dari mobil.
"Ok, daaggh.." kataku pada mereka berdua.

Aku segera menjalankan mobilku kembali menuju tempat kost. Sehabis makan malam, aku melanjutkan mengerjakan proyek dari klienku. Pikiranku telah menjadi fresh kembali setelah diservis oleh Rena dan Elis, ABG Mal yang cantik.

Mau Download lagu The_Changcuters - Hijrah_Ke_London, linknya ada dibawah ya ;)

Kau berkelana
Ke negara sepak bola
Bukan Italia
Bukan juga Argentina
Ohoho… Ohoho…
Ditinggal cinta
Buat aku tak berdaya
Gundah gulana
Ingin aku menyusulnya
Ohoho… Ohoho…
Dia jauh
Dia jauh
Aku rindu
Aku rindu
London, London…
Ingin ku kesana
London, London…
Pergi menyusulnya

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Menurut Luh Putu Ikha Widani dari KISARA (Kita Sayang Remaja) Bali di Denpasar pada Senin tanggal 16 Pebruari hari ini mengatakan bahwa "Kehamilan yang Tidak Diinginkan (KTD) pada remaja menunjukkan kecenderungan meningkat antara 150.000 hingga 200.000 kasus setiap tahun". lanjutnya "Jika dicermati lebih jauh munculnya KTD di kalangan remaja adalah akumilasi dari serangkaian ketidakberpihakan berbagai kalangan terhadap remaja". Ia juga mengatakan bahwa survei yang dilakukan pada sembilan kota besar di Indonesia menunjukkan bahwa KTD mencapai 37.000 kasus, dimana diantaranya 27 % terjadi dalam lingkungan pranikah dan 12,5 % adalah PELAJAR....

sumber =

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eh, eh…
eh, eh…
Ada satu hal yang tidak ku sukai
dari kamu dan paling sering kau ulangi
kadang-kadang bikin ku ill feel
kadang-kadang bikin ku ill feel
Tiap hari aku, tiap hari terus
hanya mendengar kau mengeluh dan mengeluh
kadang-kadang bikin ku ill feel
kadang-kadang bikin ku ill feel
Ku hanya beritahu
tapi terjadi lagi
Eh, eh, kok gitu sih?
Lhoh kok marah?!
Jangan gitu sayang, jangan gitu sayang
Kamu lebih rilex saja
daripada kamu mengeluh dan mengeluh
Tenang, saja, tenaaang…
Aku masih dengan kamu
Tiap hari aku, tiap hari terus
Hanya mendengar kau mengeluh dan mengeluh
Kadang-kadang bikin ku ill feel
Kadang-kadang bikin ku ill feel
Ku hanya beritahu
tapi terjadi lagi
Eh, eh, kok gitu sih?
Lhoh kok marah?!
Jangan gitu sayang, jangan gitu sayang
Jangan.. jangan.. jangan.. janganlah…
Jangan.. jangan.. jangan.. janganlah…
Huu.. huu… huu….
Eh, eh, kok gitu sih?
Lhoh kok marah?!
Jangan gitu sayang, jangan gitu sayang
Jangan gitu sayang, jangan gitu sayang
Jangan gitu sayang, jangan gitu sayang

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