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We had some snacks and a few drinks and decided to go for a walk. It was a warm summer evening and my wife and I were going out for some fun. I picked her up at her work and we decided to have some drinks and a light dinner. As we drove downtown, I looked over and admired her beautiful body. She is a classic beauty. She was wearing a white silk blouse, a somewhat revealing skirt and thigh-high panty hose with heals. The blouse was a bit revealing, especially since she hadn’t worn a bra. But at work, her jacket kept everything modest. We parked at a ramp and walked to a near-by bar. I just smiled as she left her jacket in the car.

On our way we passed the large adult bookstore just on the edge of the main body of the city. She smiled and said, “let’s go inside and have some fun”. As we went in, we stood and took everything in. It was a large adult business with several rooms on each of the two floors. Walked around looking at the magazines and movies on the first floor. The men were all looking but tried to be inconspicuous. I could tell my wife could see them because her nipples had become erect and were sticking out of her blouse. It wasn’t hard to see their form and the color of her aureoles beneath.

We finally made our way to the second floor. There were two rooms. One was a small theater and the other room had booths lined up against the walls and a row of booths in the middle. The arrangement made this room seem rather secluded. We could hear various noises and the smell was intoxicating. Each booth was fairly wide with doors closing them off from view. She took my hand and went down to an empty booth at the end of one of the aisles with a booth on each side of us. We went in and closed the door. There was a small light above which barley lit the booth, just enough light to find my wallet and start the video.

We were both very turned on at this point and quickly shed our clothes. In the dim light, she stood there with her gorgeous 36Ds and her pantyhose. There was nothing else but a smile. We hadn’t been in the booth 3 or 4 minutes when someone entered the booth next to use. We sat down and as I did, I could see someone watching us from the booth to our left. I loved it, my wife hadn’t noticed yet as I moved her and gave him a show, squeezing and flicking her nipples. I moved my and over to the hole and rubbed the sticky circle around it, then I made a “come here” motion with my finger. In no time, there was dark cock sticking through the hole. My wife still hadn’t noticed as I moved her and up to meet it. I put her hand on the cock and it twitched. She quickly turned her head surprised and then looked back at me with a smile and giggled. I motioned to it with my head and she turned around and started caressing it with her hand and I rubbed her. It wasn’t large, about 6 inches, but it had a fat mushroom head that was very smooth. She spit on the head and rubbed the cock head in-between her fingers. It was very hot to see my wife playing with a cock. I spread her legs and gently stroked her inner thigh. This always made her extremely hot, almost animal like. As she stroked the man’s cock, she moved down to the floor using her skirt to cushion her knees. She licked it and then it disappeared into her hungry mouth. Watching her suck a stranger’s cock was so hot, I already had pre-cum leaking out of my own cock. I heard someone enter the booth to our right and after a bit could see the man looking through the hole at my wife sucking cock and me stroking mine.

She was really getting into it now. As she sucked, I could hear moans from her throat. She was busy playing with her clit and then I heard a grunt on the other side of the wall and could tell that the cock was pumping a load into her mouth. She sucked hard and finally released it, letting the flaccid tool plop out of her mouth. The cock disappeared through the hole and she looked back at me with an open mouth full of cum. She closed and swallowed and moved over and sucked the tip of my cock into her mouth. At about the same time a cock appeared to our right. Evidently the watcher had enough and wanted some action. I was puzzled at first because this cock was extremely thick. It barely fit through the hole. My cock was significantly longer but was dwarfed by his cock’s circumference. It was white with very large veins and a deep purple engorged head. It didn’t seem to be very long, but it was the fattest cock I had ever seen. More like a pop can. I pulled my wife off my cock and moved her to the wall. She just stared at it and then looked up to me and said, “I don’t think this will fit in my mouth”. She turned back and started stroking the fat cock, half thinking how she would suck it. She started licking the head and sucking the side. She would put her lips at the top and while sucking move down to the base. She tried getting it in her mouth several times but could only suck the tip of the enormous head. She worked this cock for several minutes and was getting really hot by it’s size and her inability to fully engulf it. She was frantically rubbing her pussy and I was just enjoying the show as she came. Someone had entered the booth to our right and I could hear a lot of shuffling when another cock appeared. There was no way my wife could reach this new cock and I didn’t think she would be too much longer with the fat one so I reached up and held the new cock in my hand.

I had never held another man’s cock before and it felt a little strange. I had never really noticed how a cock feels both soft and hard at the same time until I held this one. It must have been about 7 inches and had a nice girth. I squeezed it a few times and could see the pre-cum forming on the tip. I rubbed it, lubricating the end and then started stroking it. I didn’t want to make this guy cum; I just wanted to keep it going for my wife to finish. I looked over and as my wife was sucking the fat cock slipped back through the hole without shooting his load. My wife looked disappointed, I just shrugged at her and motioned over to the cock I was holding. She looked at me and smiled, and then said, “don’t like that too much”. She moved over and squatted in front of the new prick, rubbing it with her tits. Without knocking, someone entered our room. We both looked up, startled. The man apologized but asked if he could fuck my girl. I looked back and she just smiled and sure. He came in and closed the door and moved to the front. The space was tight, but there was enough room. As he undressed, I told him that he needed to wear a condom. As he pulled his underwear down, I looked up and recognized him as the man with the fat dick.

He wasn’t attractive and was overweight with a round belly. His fat cock stuck out about five inches. As my wife looked back, she smiled and started sucking his fat shaft while stroking the cock in the hole. As I was digging in her purse for a condom she raised her ass and told the stranger to fuck her. I said, “hey wait a minute”, but she looked back with a look that told me that I could either stay or go, but she was going to be fucked and fucked raw by this enormously fat cock. As the fat head hit her glistening pussy lips, it seemed to stretch her pussy to the max. It didn’t even look real. Luckily, my wife gets slippery wet when she’s hot.

He started slow, holding her hips and moving her onto him. As he picked up speed, it was lucky that she had a cock in her mouth to keep her sounds from escaping too loud. The guy getting his cock sucked was lucky because she was moaning deep in her throat sending vibrations through his shaft. The stranger picked up speed and was fucking my wife for all she was worth. My cock was so hard and throbbing, I could hardly stand it. As he fucked her, his balls slapped her hard and his fat belly was bouncing. She was getting weak because her legs started dipping down, he dug his fingers into her pelvis and lifter her up off the floor. The only thing keeping her head balanced was the cock, which was now cumming, in her mouth. As she pulled away, her body was wracked by an intense orgasm. The fat dicked assaulted her stretched pussy for about another 11 strokes until he thrust as deep as he could and shot his hot load into my wife’s abused cunt. He put her down and his cock slipped out of her pussy. As he did, I could see how stretched her hole was and it wasn’t closing very quickly. Huge gobs of cum ran out of her gaping hole and down her legs. He not only had a fat cock, but he put a huge load of seamen in her as well. He helped her stand and she leaned against the wall, exhausted. To my surprise, she asked him for his name and number and asked me to get a pen out of her purse. I couldn’t find a pen, but there was a black permanent maker and I handed it to him as I continued to look for a piece of paper. As I looked up, I saw the stranger writing his name and number in big bold letters on my wife’s right breast. It smeared somewhat with the cum that was there, but the ink soaked into her skin. She put her arms around him and they hugged. He broke the hold and got dressed, quickly leaving. As he left he thanked me letting him fuck my wife.

I still hadn’t gotten off and very much needed to. I stood and smiled and then bent her over. I wiped some cum off her still draining pussy and smeared it on her ass-hole and my cock. I slowly entered her and fucked her ass. I didn’t last long and shot my load into her hot insides. As she stood there, both holes were gaping and leaking cum.

She was still recovering from the fuck she just had and sat down on the bench, leaning against the wall. Someone had been watching to the right again and had stuck their cock through hoping to take part. I moved my wife’s head down and told her she had one more job to do then we would leave. As soon as she put her mouth on the cock head, I could hear the man starting to grunt and saw the cock starting to jump. I took hold of my wife’s hair from the back and pulled her hungry mouth off just as the cock came. After shooting three impressive streams onto her forehead, cheek and mouth, I pushed her mouth back on to the twitching cock to suck out the rest.

She started to clean up and I asked her to get dressed without cleaning. I found it incredibly hot to walk out with her appearing so used. She smiled and agreed. As we walked out, her cum soaked blouse was very apparent, as was the glistening cum on her face.

We walked to the garage although the cum draining out and running down her legs made the walk interesting. We reached the car and started to leave. She came over and kissed me passionately and thanked me for the evening. I could taste and smell the cum and told her that I loved it too.

She didn’t lose the name and number and wasn’t too eager to get it off of her. I think it was a huge turn-on for her. It finally wore off after about two weeks. IĆ¢€™m sure it would be a well-used number, at least for a while.
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(ASI english) Angelina’s Secret Hideout
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(ASI engglish) A Tropical Cruze Gone BAD
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Robert Jennings is an Undercover Photographer. He is assigned to photograph Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff on their Tropical Cruze. When a terrorist blows up part of the ship, everyone heads to the life boats. Robert, Hillary, and Lindsay are the only ones left … on a life boat in the middle of the Pacafic Ocean. What will they do, or how will they do it.

Um…My name is Robert Jennings. I am six foot two and have dark blonde hair and blue eyes and weigh 130 lbs. and this is my survival story.

It started out like any other friday on a Carnival Cruse ship in the middle of the pacafic ocean. “Drinks on the house everyone” shouted the bar tender at the pool side. Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff, both nearly nude in the bikinis ran to the bar to get some booze.

I knew they were both underage, so I took my camera out an pretended to take pictures of my fake family. The pictures turned out great, they showed Lindsay Chuging a Beer and Hillary with a bottle of takila in her hand. They were both drunk.

The girls both went into their room on the B deck. I had a room right across the hallway from, so I could spy on them. That night I went to get some Ice down the hall, when lindasy was doing the same thing. I don’t think that she cared that she was wearing no bra and just have a t-shirt on and her panties on. She got the Ice and she said Hi to me because she knew I was her neighbor from across the hall.

When she said that I got really horney and I wanted to pin her little boddy down on the floor and fuck the hell out of her. But I had self control and said Hi back and went to my room.

The next day, the water was so calm so calm and the air was perfect tempature. Nothing could go wrong that day. I was walking down the A deck when I saw Linday and Hillary walking their dogs. Lindsay said “Oh, hi, I saw you last night getting Ice, If I would have known we were neighbors, I could have Invited you over, we were making mini Martinies with the alchol from the mini fridge.”

I wish I had been recording this because this Just proves my point that Lindsay and Hillary were Under age drinkers.

Wile we were still talking, we all heard this huge explosition from the bow of the ship. I knew it was a bomb because the engines and the fuel storage was at the stern of the ship. I saw it all happen, the bomb exploded, the bow was going down into the water, everyone was screaming, it reminded me of the Titanic movie. I truned my head and found Lindsay and hillary running to a life boat, so I followed. We got into one of the life boats that have a roof and rescue supplies in It. I closed the door and pulled the release and we were off in the water with a splash.

I truned on the motor and we were off and speeding away from the ship. We saw it all happen, just like in the movie Titanic. The bow went down and the stern broke off, just one thing. We were the only survivors.

I introduced my self to Lindsay and Hilary, they did not need to introduce themselfs because I would have to live under a rock to not to know who they are.

We started talking about stuff like who do you think did this, are we going to survive, how are we going to be rescued, stuff like that. At arround two, Lindsay said she was starting to get hungry, she also added that she had not breakfast. She had to lean over me to get to the emergency food storage locker In the process of doing that she acidentally exposed her pink thong to me. I dont think this was an accident because I offered to get the food for her but she declined.

Moments later Hillary said she was hungry too. I was about to open the locker and give her a food ration when she slamed it shut and said she would get it her self. In doing that she exposed her huge clevage to me which was not an acident. I then chimed in saying that I was hungry and both girls said in syncirnis “Let me get that for you”"NO” I shouted, “I’ll get it, thank you very much”. Wile we were eating Lindsay and Hillary both were giggling here and there and were staring at me when I was not looking up.

I wonder if if they were starting to come on to me. Later in the day about four I started to get sleeply and lied down and started to take a nap. Probally an hour or two later I got up to the feeling that something was on me. I opened my eyes just a krack, but still looking like I was sleeping, and found Lindsay on top of me riding me like a Horse, but she was just wearing her bra and pink thong.

A few minutes later hillary said,”Lindsay wake him, I want to suck his huge dick, look at the buldge in his pants” when she said that I noticed that I had a hige erection. Lindsay then woke me by grabing my cock and pretending it was a Joy Stick for a video game. I then pretended to wake up and found a pink thong, a white g-string and two bras on my chest I turned my head and a naked Lindsay and a naked Hillary were both rubbing their clits and started to moan. Hillary was the first one to notice that I have “been awake”.

She then said “Lindsay, Robert is awake, lets fuck him now”. By that point I was wide awake and I was about to undo my belt when Hillary said that she would do it and I was to just sit back and relax. When I took this assignment I was getting more than I bargoned for. Hillary got my pants off and started to take my boxers off when Lindsay said she wanted to do it first. Her action started a fight between the two. This had been the best cat fight I had ever seen, I wish I had my camera now. Wile they were fighting I decieded to take my boxers off my self and then my shirt.

I shouted to them to knock it off and I would deciede who went first. I decieded that Hillary would suck first. Hillary was about to suck when she went to her purse and grabed a dildo and gave it to Lindsay to keep her busy. The oral was awsome. She sucked and licked and rubbed, it made me think that she has done this before.

It was then Lindsay’s turn to suck, but I think that Hillary was better. I was about to cum, so I called Hillary over to get some of my frosting. I had never had such a powerful and bountyful orgasm. There was enough cum for Tara Reid to join in on the action.

They then wanted to be fucked. I said that I had no condom and I did not want to get them pregnant. Hillary again went into her purse and grabed a Ultra Thin Lubercated Condom. It made me wonder what else was in that little bag of her’s.

The fucking was awsome I had always masterbated to Lindsay and this had been my ultimate dream to fuck her ass off. We stoped and I took the condom off and asked them to gather for more of my sweet juices. I sware that I had at least 1/4 cup of cum.

It was then Hillary’s trun for some action. I asked her to lie on her stomace and to relax. I than slid my nine inch long dick up her little ass hole. She screamed in delight and Lindsay looked at her jelously. I then started to thrust and she started to climax, at her climax her little hole almost cut my dick off it got so tight. Lindsay was fingering her pussy and she had an orgasm at the same time. I released my load in her ass. Everyone was screaming and moaning in pleasure. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, the life boat went silent.

Naked Lindsay looked out the window and saw a Coast Guard boat out our window and then a rescuer opened the hatch and found Me with my Dick in Hillary’s ass.

Lindsay woke up,”A dream maby??” she looked under the covers and she was naked and she looked over and found Hillary and Robert sleeping together and his soft dick still wet with cum from earlyer.

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