Jumat, 30 Januari 2009

The Mortgage Protection Cover

When taken out with your circumstances in mind mortgage insurance can give a monthly tax-free income. This money would allow you to continue meeting the repayments of the mortgage without having to worry about where to find the money. If you should become unable to work due to suffering an accident or illness this means you could concentrate on regaining your health and getting back to work. If you should be unfortunate enough to become unemployed, such as through redundancy, then you would have the time you need to search for a new job.

Some of the most frequently seen exclusions include if you only work part time, suffer from a pre-existing medical condition, are self-employed or have retired. However, these exclusions are not cut and dry. For example, if the individual has not had a re-occurrence of the illness within the last two years it could be worthwhile talking out a policy. With these exclusions in mind it is essential that you go over the terms and conditions of any cover you are thinking of taking.

The safest way to make sure you get access to the vital information needed to make sure a policy is suitable is to go with a specialist provider. Such a provider sells cover independently as opposed to alongside the mortgage. They know the products they sell and never put huge profits ahead of the consumer. Not only can you benefit from the knowledge they have, but the premiums for mortgage protection with a standalone provider will save you around 40% in comparison to some high street lenders.

Policies do vary but usually they last for between 12 to 24 months once a claim is made, if you should remain unfit for work. There is a waiting period during which you have to be unable to work and this is anywhere from day 30 to 90. Premiums for the cover are based on how much your monthly mortgage is and your age when applying. An independent provider will ensure that you understand how much cover will cost in full and provide you with the key facts before you choose which policy is suitable.

Some homeowners are under the impression that they would automatically be entitled to receive help from the state, but this is not the case. Individuals have to qualify to receive any benefit from the state. Those who have a partner who works in a full-time position or who have savings in the bank of more than £8,000 would not be entitled to receive state support. And those who do manage to qualify could have a long wait on their hands if they took their mortgage out after 1995. In fact, they would have to wait nine months and then they would only be able to claim for the interest part of their mortgage for up to £100,000.

Having a back-up plan in case you should find yourself unable to keep up the repayments should be given some very serious consideration. If you get behind on your mortgage then you face repossession, which means you could lose your home. Mortgage protection cover is worthwhile considering as a safety net. You just have to make sure you understand what your policy can and cannot deliver, and determine if this meets your needs.

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