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Mandy, my beautiful wife of 5 years recently invited Tiffany and her husband Greg over for a Saturday afternoon barbeque. Tiffany was Mandy’s friend from college, and they tried to get together at least a couple times a year. Mandy and Tiffany were both 28, I had just turned 30 last month.
It was a hot July day and Mandy had told Tiffany and Greg to bring their bathing suits in case we wanted to take a dip in the pool. Mandy and Tiffany were both very attractive, both on the shorter side with busty figures. Unfortunately, neither of them wore suits that were very daring, leaving Greg and I to mentally visualize what the other person’s wife looked like naked.
Like myself, Greg worked out quite a bit, and was physically in real good shape. While the 3 of them splashed and played in the pool I was tending to the barbeque. I kept hoping to see a nipple slip out, but the conservative suits strapped both women’s ample bosoms tight to their chest.
After a few hours of sitting around and talking, the conversation started getting light. Tiffany suggested that they get moving soon because they had a long drive ahead of them. Mandy said good-bye to her friend before saying she had to sneak off to use the bathroom. Being the gracious host, I walked Greg and Tiffany out to their car. I was out at the car chatting and saying good-bye for 10 minutes when Greg announced that he had forgotten his sunglasses by the side of the pool.
Once the three of us had left the backyard and were heading for Greg’s car, Mandy decided to work on her tan a little bit and ran inside to change into something skimpier. She came back out in a thong that barely covered her pussy, and thinking that our company had left, Mandy peeled off her top to get some sun on her white boobies.
To accentuate the tan, she quickly dove into the pool before going to lie on the fold out recliner lawn chair. Feeling the heat on her face and not wanting to burn, she placed a towel over her head so that she could not see anything.
This must have been when Greg returned to the backyard because upon hearing the gate open, Mandy asked who she thought was me to rub coconut oil on her big boobs and stomach. Greg must have been shocked when he returned to see Mandy in a tiny thong lying topless on her back in a lawn chair. Mandy later said that she is sure her nipples were still hard from diving into the cold pool, and that they must have looked like erasers extending from her chest.
Apparently, Greg wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to rub lotion on Mandy’s tits and hard stomach, and without saying a word, walked over and flicked the top off the lotion. Mandy said that she thought it was me she was teasing when she purposely yawned, pushing her impressive breasts farther out towards what turned out to be Greg.
Greg started off on her stomach, making circular motions with his hands, rubbing the lotion gently into Mandy’s skin. He then slowly moved higher until he had his hand cupping one boob before moving over to palm the other. Mandy let out a small moan as Greg continued to kneed and grope her tits, occasionally tugging and pinching each nipple.
My wife said her tits were on fire, and that she was getting wet from all the yanking and pulling on her hard nipples. Mandy couldn’t help herself any longer and slid one hand down the front of her thong to play with her clit and finger her pussy.
Mandy knew that this teasing was going to lead towards sex, and she mentioned that her and I should take it inside to the bedroom. She was about to pull off the towel when Greg quickly pushed it back on her face and said “no” in a low voice.
Mandy felt what she thought was my mouth, but was actually Greg’s mouth smothering her breasts and stomach with kisses and sucking. Mandy told me later that something didn’t feel right here, and that I wasn’t sucking on her nipples like I normally did. She chalked it up to me having read or heard about a new technique, and that she was pleasantly surprised with the change.
Greg next pulled Mandy’s hand out of her thong bottoms so that he could slide his hand down over her wet pussy. She said Greg must have been getting really horny by this point, as he was fingering her twat with one hand and grabbing at both of her tits with the other.
Mandy said having the towel on her face and not being able to see anything really caused her to become horny, and she reached out to find my hard cock. Grabbing hold of Greg’s waistband, she pulled his bathing suit down to his feet and, like an animal in heat, lunged forward to get the feel of some hard meat in her hands.
Both thick and long, Mandy was able to double fist Greg’s cock and stroke it with both of her hands at the same time. “Oh my god” she screamed, “your erection feels so good!” The size of Greg’s manhood isn’t what confused Mandy; it was the upward curve of his shaft and the sheer size of the mushroom head that took her by surprise.
Mandy didn’t know what was going on, but at this point she was so taken up in the heat of passion she didn’t care.
Out at the car, Tiffany and I were still talking when I finally mentioned that Greg was taking a long time finding his sunglasses. Tiffany said, “that’s Greg for you, always losing something.” I told Tiffany that we should go help him look and we both started walking towards the backyard.
Mandy had had enough by this time, and craved for some cock to satisfy her womanly needs. “FUCK ME, FUCK MY ACHING PUSSY” she yelled at Greg. Greg was into the moment too much to pull Mandy’s thong off leg by leg, instead he grabbed the front piece of the thong and pushed it to the side, exposing my wife’s inviting hole that was gaping and swelling with excitement.
Greg stepped forward and placed his enormous cock head against Mandy’s slit, causing her to moan and say, “OH YES, SHOVE THAT WONDERFUL COCK INTO MY HOT BOX, MAKE ME CUM ALL OVER YOUR LONG, HARD DICK.”
When Greg slowly slid his rod all the way into Mandy’s pussy, hitting new and unexplored areas, the sensation overwhelmed her, and she let out an “OH YES, OH MY GOD YES” as she felt her first orgasm.
Mandy couldn’t take the suspense anymore and she pulled the towel off her face to see Greg standing there, his face with a look of pure ecstasy, his one hand holding her thong to the side.
When she looked down, all she could see was his pubic hair as the entire length of his cock was buried deep inside her, hitting the back wall of her vagina. Every muscle in Greg’s body became tensed as he started to pump in and out of her pussy. Mandy didn’t know what to do when she saw Greg instead of me, but the excitement of having some strange new cock after 5 years of marriage made her want to be filled and punished like never before.
Tiffany and I opened the gate to see the surprise of our lives; here was her husband and my wife fulfilling their lustful need for release. Mandy and Greg had not seen us yet, and I remember standing there staring in awe at the sight before me. Greg’s body was ripped; his strong abs and pecs were very pronounced as his clenched buttocks drove in and out of Mandy. I could see the look of lust in Mandy’s face as she continuously made eye contact with Greg as he was pounding into her, letting him know how much she enjoyed it.
Mandy’s firm tits now looked like two water balloons on her chest, bouncing and flopping uncontrollably with each one of Greg’s thrusts. Greg was alternating holding her hips to have more pumping leverage and grabbing her tits, where were jiggling as much as Christy Canyon’s legendary D-cups did in her prime.
The shock of the moment had apparently caught Tiffany off guard as well, she stood there speechless and looked as if she didn’t know what to do. Even from a good distance away Tiffany and I could hear the squishy noise of Mandy’s sloppy pussy being fucked silly by Greg’s large cock.
Mandy’s eyes got real wide when she finally noticed me walking towards them, and in-between her panting and hard breathing, managed to scream out my name in panic knowing she was caught. “ITS, ITS, ITS, NOT MY FAUL FAULT! GREG, GREG, WAS, WAS, RUBBING MY TITTIES AND, AND, HE PUT HIS BIG COCK IN MY PUSSY BEFORE, BEFORE, I, I, COULD STOP HIM. LOOK, LOOK, AT HIS BIG COCK IN MY PUSSY!!!” She stammered. “HES FUCKING ME SOOOO GOOD, OH GOD, IT FEELS SO GOOOOD.” Just then I saw her eyes close and her head roll back, “OHHHHH GODDDDD” she moaned while having another orgasm.
Greg, who had said nothing up to this point, started to grunt, “UH, UH, UH, UH, UHHHHH” as he thrust as deep as he could into Mandy’s pussy before unloading his seed inside of her. Greg leaned forward and collapsed on top of Mandy, exhausted from his intense orgasm.
Mandy and Greg both apologized profusely after they had recovered, and said that it wasn’t planned and that Greg had taken her in the heat of the moment. I eventually forgave Mandy for the incident, and now we actually laugh and joke about it when it comes up.
I think being taken by another man was a surprise fantasy for Mandy, and it was something she needed to get out of her system. Greg wasn’t so lucky; Tiffany couldn’t handle his infidelity and filed for divorce two months later. Mandy’s surprise fuck is something all four of us will never forget
(ASI) Love’s Adultery, Gellar’s Betrayal

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