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Have you ever been asked that question?

I was!

Back in 1979 while doing a “pressure cooker” course on selling with an insurance company!

I wondered how relevant that question was, considering my personal and financial situation at the time.

No wife!

No job!

I was a solo dad with three children, one of them a baby less than a year old.

“You must be kidding”, I thought to myself at the time!

What relevance can that have to me learning to sell insurance policies?

How naive I was!

The course that followed had an unbelievably positive and a life changing effect on me. Although it only took affect several years later. The seed had been sown!

You’re probably saying to yourself, “How can a course on selling life insurance have that much effect on anyone?”

Well that Insurance Company was the one created by W Clement Stone.

I found the course to be very challenging, because in New Zealand at that time we weren’t really aware of the “Hype” that Americans used to motivate their workers to perform at their optimum. It pleases me each time I think about it now, to know that I passed, top of the class and received a book as a reward, this book was already a best seller, but I’d never heard of it.

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, of which W Clement Stone was co-author with Napoleon Hill. They shared their secrets on becoming wealthy and having a healthy, productive lifestyle, utilising the power of a "positive mental attitude". Sadly my motivation and my persistence waned and I stopped selling insurance.

I kept all the information, studies and the book I had won.

The “BOOK” Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, which I never opened or read for probably 3 years.

However I did continue two very positive things! I continued to read on a daily basis some of his quotes and I even put them on the wall. My two

favourites were;

“Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying” and

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

The second thing and the one which I believed the most important was “Goal Setting” I enjoyed the challenge and had learned enough during the course to

realise its long term value.

Life began to take several steps in the right direction not major ones, but positive ones.

Several important things happened in my life over the next 12 years.

Around 1981-2 I began reading, Through a Positive Mental Attitude,

I applied so many of their ideas and formulae, and by 1992 mine and my families life had completely turned around, this included a wonderful wife and two more children and a list of goals I had made in 1986 after father passed away, became a reality.

I had arrived finally, or so I thought, and was ready to respond to the question that still continued to bother me after all those years.

What Does RICH Mean To You?

I had some answers!

That’s what I believed anyway!

1 - " A consistent income created from hard work

2 - " A healthy family

3 - " A loving wife and loving children

4 - "A nice car

5 - " A great holidays

There are other things, but they are either directly or indirectly related to the above list.

Even now when I look at that list it seems to have “hit the nail on the head”.

Then within three years it all slowly began to fall apart, business wise, thankfully not family wise our “Polynesian Inheritance” is so strong, family always come first!

Where was I going wrong?

What was I doing wrong?

Whose fault was it?

Why now when we seemed so successful?

A myriad of questions passed through my mind, I began to blame myself, I was making wrong decisions.

I had begun a downward slide a personal one that took away my mental fortitude, my belief, my self-confidence, I lost motivation, the thing that really hurts me when I think back is that, “I didn’t really care anymore” I began to think that the world owed me, I was a good person so for that I should be rewarded. What a “Pity party”, darn pitiful is all I can say now!

After all these years I am finally getting back on track!

I realise that age and the new generation means I can never be what I was back then, why?

Well that’s the past and I now live for today!

Not tomorrow!

I have found a “Certain Way” that has been available to each and every one of us for more than ninety years.

Probably what W Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill and thousands of others used to become rich, but forgot to tell us some very vital points, whether they did it consciously or just took it for granted that we would figure it out, I am really not to sure.

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